Judging by the comments on this feminist article about how women need more recognition in science, the tide is turning against feminism.


Xira Arien: I detect an anti-male, aka feminist, agenda here…This is merely weaponizing ideas and cultures that have not existed for decades so that females do not lose their current place of privilege in our culture.

When females have to register for the draft and submit to police searches at the same rate as man, then we’ll have equality.

Lance Smith: This seems to be the pretty standard approach these days. Talk about sexism, then cite examples either from ancient history or from other countries. Arguably, women in the US (and most western countries) are the most privileged group of people the world has ever seen. They certainly aren’t the perpetual victims without agency the feminist movement wishes them to be. Continuing to bang this drum only shows how obsolete the mainstream feminist movement has become. It’s almost as if you believe that if you repeat the same myth enough that people will believe the nonsense.

Igniss Incineratus: You’re got to be kidding me. Just dividing all male wages by number of males in the workforce and then doing the same for females is not evidence of wage gap. There is no such thing if you control for work and seniority. Please do cite a study showing this and let me sue the awful company doing it. Like with atheists and god, the onus is on you to prove your outlandish claim.
Of course, I didn’t even need to write all this actual data. Do you know why?

Because if the wage gap really existed, I would hire a female-only workforce for my company and demolish competitors by having 20% cheaper labor.

I win. Again.

Thomas Lynch: It is a loss to us all when the system of meritocracy fails, whether that failure was due to bullying over race, gender, ethnicity, religion, politics, age, or for whatever reason. I’m a little disappointed that an article on the failure of meritocracy in science would be so narrowly written, it is almost as though the author felt this failure only matters in this one case, but not for others.

Lance Smith: @Annie Forrester It sounds like you need to learn a bit more about feminism. In general, mainstream, gynocentric feminism delights in the vilification of masculinity and the shaming of men. You can’t talk about being pro-equality as long as you continue with a gynocentric philosophy driven by the apex fallacy.

Unfortunately, fundamental premises of feminism include the myths that men are or condone rapists (rape culture), men are domestic batters (the Duluth model), men wish to control and push down women (the patriarchy), and on and on. These are all anti-male stereotypes that if anything are actively encouraged by feminists….even though most of them are outright fabrications used to demonize men, long gone, or even things that are suffered equally by both men and women.

“Women don’t want men to care for them, or protect them, or provide for them, they want to be able and encouraged to do all this for themselves.”

Perhaps you don’t, but the majority of women do. What you describe is a yet unrealized dreamworld. Research has shown that even the richest of women still expect to find men that are richer. And boy, don’t try to say that you are a stay at home dad…that’s a good way to end up being permanently single. Hypergamy is alive and well unfortunately.

Another case and point is reproductive rights. Ask yourself: If a woman becomes pregnant, should men pay for her choice through child support and the like, or should he be given the option of telling her she is on her own? Arguably, most people – male, female, feminist, etc – believe that yes indeed women should have choices while men have responsibilities. That is a demonstration of an expectation that a man will take care of you and provide for you.

Now yes, I’m sure you can go through and find counter examples of feminists that actually, truly believe in giving men an equal seat at the gender table (e.g. Wendy McElroy, Christina Hoff Sommers, Warren Farrell, and other equity feminists)…but in general, feminist philosophy is built on the boogyman that is males and masculinity.