bacon said: The Tao of Steve states that, yes, all women will eventually be won over if you:
1.) Eliminate your desires.
2.) Do something excellent in her presence, thereby proving your sexual worthiness.
3.) Retreat, for as Heidegger said, “We pursue that which retreats from us”.

My experience and strategy is the opposite.

I’ll escalate even when the woman is uninterested, and use my own strong passion to ignite a passion in her that she hadn’t realized that she was containing.

There is nothing so delicious as a near rapey escalation past a woman’s boundaries, pushing past her objections and “I’m not in the moods” and “I want to go slow and fall in love first” to that delicious place of ownership where she gives all of herself over to your protective loving and fiercely erotic embrace and comes and comes on your big dick poking her G spot, only to later smile and hold you in warm embrace and ask when she can see you again.

Eliminate desires my ass. Desire IS seduction.

I think you’ll notice a trend towards realizing that the push towards being anhedonic as a seduction style leads to overall life dissatisfaction and player burnout.

Without genuine internalized passion and interest the whole game is dull.

And besides, we magnetize around us what we create inside of us. How can you magnetize a loving and passionate woman unless you are a loving and passionate man?

The seduction style of anhedonia has been tried, and found wanting. It failed.

What I talk about may be a minority opinion, but it’s still common and cross cultural and happening where you live right now. Likely even by men who you are in contact with.

There are already many teachers of a more embodied and real approach that includes our passions and emotions to entrain the woman into a whorl-whind of passion. You have heard of several of them – they are well known and respected.

Some recommended articles: or (that’s the google cache version)

Also Wudang says:

Yes, and Gunwitch ended up being the most influential PUA on the way it eventually developed. Xsplats ideas will find much more resonance there than in the manosphere. Guys like 60yeraschallenge and TVA-Oslo base a lot of their game on their own raw sexual desire and using that to create tension. COSY (Costofsuccess) probably is even closer to xsplat because of his training in meditiation and the way he likes to speak in energetics.

Also this is very closely related to what the authentic man program teaches.

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