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Debunking more PUA bullshit

Posted by xsplat on May 20, 2013

bacon said: The Tao of Steve states that, yes, all women will eventually be won over if you:
1.) Eliminate your desires.
2.) Do something excellent in her presence, thereby proving your sexual worthiness.
3.) Retreat, for as Heidegger said, “We pursue that which retreats from us”.

My experience and strategy is the opposite.

I’ll escalate even when the woman is uninterested, and use my own strong passion to ignite a passion in her that she hadn’t realized that she was containing.

There is nothing so delicious as a near rapey escalation past a woman’s boundaries, pushing past her objections and “I’m not in the moods” and “I want to go slow and fall in love first” to that delicious place of ownership where she gives all of herself over to your protective loving and fiercely erotic embrace and comes and comes on your big dick poking her G spot, only to later smile and hold you in warm embrace and ask when she can see you again.

Eliminate desires my ass. Desire IS seduction.

I think you’ll notice a trend towards realizing that the push towards being anhedonic as a seduction style leads to overall life dissatisfaction and player burnout.

Without genuine internalized passion and interest the whole game is dull.

And besides, we magnetize around us what we create inside of us. How can you magnetize a loving and passionate woman unless you are a loving and passionate man?

The seduction style of anhedonia has been tried, and found wanting. It failed.

What I talk about may be a minority opinion, but it’s still common and cross cultural and happening where you live right now. Likely even by men who you are in contact with.

There are already many teachers of a more embodied and real approach that includes our passions and emotions to entrain the woman into a whorl-whind of passion. You have heard of several of them – they are well known and respected.

Some recommended articles:
http://www.naturalgame.com/showthread.php?t=1338 or
http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=cache%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.naturalgame.com%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D1338&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 (that’s the google cache version)

Also Wudang says:

Yes, and Gunwitch ended up being the most influential PUA on fasteduction.com the way it eventually developed. Xsplats ideas will find much more resonance there than in the manosphere. Guys like 60yeraschallenge and TVA-Oslo base a lot of their game on their own raw sexual desire and using that to create tension. COSY (Costofsuccess) probably is even closer to xsplat because of his training in meditiation and the way he likes to speak in energetics.

Also this is very closely related to what the authentic man program teaches.

Readers once again please remind me of other links. I’d like to make a permanent page pointing to them.

Some of my own articles on this subject that people have linked to include:





3 Responses to “Debunking more PUA bullshit”

  1. Ruxman said

    “Without genuine internalized passion and interest the whole game is dull”. Indeed, Lying and and being discontinuous with your desires also harms your self esteem. Every time you lie that little flinch you feel in your body is doing you harm. I stopped asking girls directions in the day and other BS because I knew where I was going… I just say “hey, what’s going on” now.

  2. The essence of disinterest in the outcome is not being needy, having an abundance mindset, assuming the sale, being comfortable in your own skin, not trying to impress people, getting people to impress you instead, not seeking reactions/validation/understanding/support, having a strong identity, having a life, having ambition etc. In a word, disinterest, in the PUA sense, is positive selfishness and positive selfishness is attractive in laconic men as well as glib men. You have your strong silents, and you have your rapey ray rakes. Both can win at this game.

    A woman puts up those bitch shields when you show too much interest (IOI) without enough value (DHV).

    I’ll quote the Mystery Method:

    “Women have various Protection Shield Strategies, which they use to screen out men. But a venusian artist can coax a woman into lowering her shield by conveying disinterest while demonstrating value.”–MM

    So in the compliance loop model of the Mystery Method, DHV + IOD = IOI from the girl.

    When the threshold of DHV is met, there is no longer a need to show disinterest in the girl or the outcome maybe even. Once the girl is qualifying herself to you, you continue to lead her into more compliance and into the comfort of mutual respect and understanding ie Love, LMR notwithstanding. I think Krauser once stated that LMR will be less with more initial DHV.

    If your value is too low (DLV) no amount to interest from you will be returned.

    Furthermore, laconicness and disinterest are not always one in the same. You can use laconicness to IOD if you are skilled enough at it, or you can rush in like Gunwitch with the same disinterest of outcome knowing that eventually a girl will be attracted to your horniness.

    Krauser begins his interactions with much glibness until he senses the girl is getting more invested then he allows her to do most of the talking. This system has worked well for me. Mystery was an advocate of investment from the targeted girl.

    Most of the confusion stems from the fact that most men will take parts of individual PUA’s game and incorporate them to fit into their personalities and identities. Style encouraged this behavior.

    For example, CH’s game is an amalgamation of natural game, the PUA Bad Boy (I don’t know anything about him), some of Mystery, Mystery’s students Tyler Durden and Style, et al. If you ever have time to read The Game, you will notice that many of Mystery’s students disagreed with Mystery at some point. There is no universal Game that one can point to. It exists in different forms with various points of agreement between the finical game of each individual.

    And to add to that, CH lives in a similar area as I: East Coast Big City, USA. The girls out here respond more to his type of game than in most other places. My friend from California who just moved out here has had to make adjustments to his game. I have helped him with this and he is making a lot of progress. His game is more Dark Triad/alpha bad ass now, and it is working for him.

    Even though parts of his game work really well with Western women, especially the higher class bitches, Krauser doesn’t even try to game Western women at all. Where you live and what you are has a lot to do with what your successes will be in the type of game you use. The point is, PUAs disagree on issues all the time, so to discredit one is to credit another.

    Money, looks, and height are all DHVs in Mystery’s book. But how you sell those may be a DHV or a DLV. You can have looks, but become timid. You can be tall, but lean in too much and display clumsy body language. You can have money, but come out on the losing end of the quid pro quo instead of gaming the bitch.

    Mystery did not emphasize the use of money as much as social skill, body language or style of dress. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Money Game is so underplayed by most PUAs, because most are biting off of Mystery and Mystery didn’t give them that particular material to bite off of.

    “Don’t try to look cool or tough/ It’s better to be comfortable and friendly.”–MM

    So Mystery taught us to be a cool guy, not a cold guy. Mystery also urged the use of the range of emotions from everywhere to get a girl in an emotional state. Krauser will go as far as to delay sexual escalation in favor of the stirring up the emotions first.

    Mystery instructs men to display their identity. Krauser, (who advocates the indirect-direct method more often than not/check out The Model on his website for more explanation), advocates the raw expression of identity and creating order out of chaos. “Attraction is built on raw unfiltered expression.” Game is about selling your identity.

    Mystery stressed the need for passion and energy. PUAs usually will press the need to display more energy than the target. There is disagreement on how much energy is needed when and so on, but most would say more is more. This is why Mystery stressed routines and canned material, so when it gets cold in the room, you have more of a chance to inject energy and life into the situation.

    More from the Mystery Method:

    “Really – Be Talkative
    It’s vitally important to be talkative. It’s easy to say it but actually try it for a few months of practice. If you have so much to talk about, and you bombard her (or her set) with lots of fun and interesting conversation, showing humor, opinion, and passion, then you get to convey your personality.
    The talkative person just gets laid way more often. The secret is to put yourself in a talkative mood. Looking back on all the girls Mystery has been with, he just talked their ears off. Then after he saw positive body language and other IOIs he would come out of the blue and say, Would you like to kiss me? That’s it—he would just talk passionately about something–talk and talk. He wouldn’t talk about her. He wouldn’t ask questions. He wouldn’t really expect her to say anything. If she wants to join in, great, but otherwise, who cares? He does it all.
    Talking is a Logistical Tool
    There is another benefit to talking—it occupies the conscious mind. Imagine that you’re talking to your friend. It’s like magic—the conversation was the opiate. The pickup should be the same way. She is talking to you; everything feels so fun, comfortable and natural. The conversation continues to flow—voila! She’s having sex. Like magic! Her conscious mind should be constantly occupied by you.
    Nothing ruins the mood like a long, quiet car ride back to the house or a long quiet walk back to the car. Talking and keeping the flow is necessary to overcome logistical difficulties that inevitably will arise.”–MM

    Mystery wrote the book on indirect game, so you have to go to the source and sometimes ignore the ones who glean.

    There is also active disinterest such as negs, iods, various body language such as rocking and backturns, push/pull-now I want you/now I dont, qualification-to get her to qualify-to prove herself to you, etc.

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