neoteny-janeIt’s long been known that men commonly get erections when their young infants are placed on their chests. I’ve experienced this myself with my male baby many years back. The erection is not a sign of miswiring in the brain, it is a sign that paternal love and eroticism mesh. The erection does not happen along with innapropriate sexual thoughts – there are no sexual thoughts – it’s just a surprise spontaneous woody that correlates with the feeling of paternal love.

And so from the point of view of mens subjective experience, there is a lot of value to opening to the feeling of paternal love. It greatly heightens eroticism, subjectively, for the man, and leads to greater depth of emotion and greater passion.

Now I know that some women headed people will have a difficult time separating out fantasy from reality, and will get the squickies imagining ACTUAL incest. The fact that our brain is actually in real concrete life wired to mesh together paternal love and eroticism is not a hate fact, nor is that fact related to fucking your biological daughter. It’s a psychological fact of our hard wiring, that the natural paternal love we feel for women who were picked by evolution through choosing for neotenous features to bring about this feeling of paternal erotic care in us, that this Daddy/Daughter sexual dynamic is there to help you successfully mate. It’s there to build bonds and to get you to fuck more often. It’s there to help you.

It’s not only women that respond enthusiastically sexually to paternal love. It’s men. You will feel so much more for the girl if you are her Daddy. If you believe and embody that love for her in that way.

This sexual strategy can be applied to very short term relationships, including one night stands. If you are actually into the girl it’s possible to fall in love quickly and let her go quickly. And once you take on a Daddy persona, it can stick with you and that can become your default persona for all women you fuck.

I’ve found this a very useful persona, both for arousing passion in and having control over women, as well as raising my own quality of life. Quality of life is raised by the enjoyment of intimacy and romance, as well as the resulting sex-slave behaviour from daughters.

Plugging into paternal love is a way to hack both of your systems – the man’s and the womans. It is fire I’m handing you.

Another thought: many men who have seen love to be an innefective aphrodesiac may have been offering maternal love instead of paternal love. Love for a mother instead of love for a daughter.

Paternal love is the firecracker.

Human sexual dimorphism used to be even more extreme.

Human sexual dimorphism used to be even more extreme.

As well as neoteny, evolution has given us sexual dimorphism to trigger in men paternal feelings for fertile females.

Ensam Wrote: I think you might be onto something. Could you expand on the difference between paternal and maternal love?

Both emotions are conserved and co-opted sexually. As men we originally feel love for our mothers. Most of us are very familiar with looking to our lovers to continue to fulfill a nurturing role. That is loving a woman like a mother.

But as men we are also instinctually wired to immediately feel loving affection towards our offspring, and to a lesser extent to feel affectionate paternal bonds to the young in our tribe.

This emotion is also conserved and co-opted sexually. The man wants to take care for his lover, as a father would his child. As well as a feeling of bonding and care – the oxytocin related feelings, is a sexual feeling. I suggest that men learn about this first hand by deliberately accentuating these feelings through role play. There is an erotic charge that is unique to paternal love.