There is this thought floating around that whispers “young attractive women who are specifically attracted to older men have Daddy issues. Their pathology stems from neglect from the father at a young age.”

This meme is nothing but the young man’s cock-blocking attempt. Or if it’s more then it is a denial and projection of the man’s true sexual paternal nature, out of shame of who he really is; an erotic paternal masculine figure.

Giovonny Wrote: You’re right in saying that many girls like older guys just because of a simple attraction. But, other girls like older guys because they have never felt love and affection from a man. They crave an older masculine presence.

So if a girl has had a good relationship with her dad she will no longer crave love and affection from a man? If they got their needs met at a young age, then they are met once and for all and finally for ever after?

I call shenanegans.

The desire for an erotic connection with a father figure is hard wired into all women. It’s just a matter of pushing the buttons. Doesn’t matter if she got along great with her dad or not. That has nothing to do with the desire that all women have for erotic paternal connection.

Now a very small minority of women will have a strong intellectual aversion to the idea. Nearly all women barely pay any attention to that voice in their heads during the sexual act, and will gladly role play daughter. But for the women who are still in their heads when they fuck and don’t completely give over to the inner animal, and who have the voices in their heads telling them stories that it’s wrong to fuck Daddy, after they finally get used to the idea and like you their bodies respond anyway.

“Say I love you Daddy! Say it again! Say it again!” works for a romanctic girl, otherwise you can say “Say I’m Daddies little bitch! Say it again!” Either way as soon as she utters the words she’ll come close to orgasm. The effect is profound, no matter what the girl THINKS. It’s not about her head, it’s about her pussy, and her pussy loves loves loves Santa Claus and Daddy.

Many of your ancestors were born from the coupling of father and daughter. All women have a great many ancestors that were the product of incest. It’s hard wired in so many ways and pushes so many buttons. It’s the ultimate aphrodesiac.

And men are attracted to neoteny. The more neotenous the woman, the more feminine. Neoteny is the retaining in adulthood of child like traits. Men are sexually aroused by signs that the woman is not a full adult – that she is actuality perpetually a child-dult. Neoteny pushes our male sexual/paternal buttons. Sexual/paternal. Think about that. Those are not two separate circuits. They mesh. Men prefer neotenous females sexually. And men feel paternal towards our neotenous sexual charges.

How did us men ever get to the point that we must project out onto women a pathology for our own true natures? Are we so ashamed of being men? Women who naturally treat men as paternal erotic figures have “issues”? No. The issues are with us men who were brainwashed to be ashamed of natural power differentials. The whole tragedy of “equality” of the sexes.

I agree that it’s hardwired into all of them. Some just want it/need it more then others. The ones that “need it” are often the ones with issues.

Unless having a loving warm and healthy relationship with the father is a cause of a relative decline in wanting the same with an older erotic partner, then it’s meaningless to state that NOT having a warm and healthy relationship with the father will cause the girl to want that more later.

And where are you getting this correlation from anyway? Just making it up, out of intuitition? Because it sounds right? Because you’ve heard that idea bandied about? “Everybody” “knows” that?

It doesn’t sound right to me and I don’t share your intuition and my experiences lead me to different conclusions. My experiences show me that women get aroused for paternal figures. Full stop. I see no correlation nor can I imagine why there would be one with if the girl lacked affection from her father or not. In fact the data shows that women who were neglected tend to have less interest in intimacy, not more; they are well known to tend to get intimacy avoidance issues. And the erotic-paternal connection is extremely intimate. Extremely intimate.

People who were neglected when young do not seek out that connection when older. That’s not what the very extensive data shows. It shows exactly the opposite. Neglect leads to a generalized avoidance of intimacy and an unwillingness to open in trust and affection.

Now, they may have issues and deficits arising from neglect, but attraction and sexual attraction to a father figure is not one of them, as far as all my experience and understanding tells me. And I have extensive experience with playing Daddy for a large number of all manner of women.

The orphan that I live with now was at the extreme tail end of the curve of being the LEAST interested in playing daughter. Exactly opposite of your premise. And girls who have described and displayed close and warm relations to their fathers have been way into playing daughter. Extremely into it.

The only daddy issue that I know of is the issue of guys who don’t grok what the daddy dynamic is. That is a big issue, because it means that they are dissowning a hugely powerful portion of their male sexuality.

We have been brainwashed by this whole bullshit feminine imperative that men are not supposed to be in positions of authority. So brainwashed that as a culture we are ashamed of our of own healthy loving paternal instincts. Paternal love is enormously powerful. Mix it with strong powerful eroticism and you have an atomic bomb of intimacy.

Love your girl like your daughter, treat her like your daughter, and train her to treat you like her respected Daddy. The healthier her relationship with her real father, the MORE she will be open and willing and able to again have a healthy Daddy/Daughter relationship with you.