Scorpion informs us:

Being morbidly obese causes brain damage.…X/abstract…7489071C80

Quote:One of the things we know is that as individuals become more cardiovascular fit and their heart health gets better, their brain health also improves,” Gunstad added. “Even if we take young adults and put them through an exercise program, their memory and their concentration get better by the end of the program.”

Obesity is also linked to dementia:…02253.html

Being a fat fuck who never exercises essentially means your brain is getting reduced oxygen and is in a constant state of inflammation. Reduced cognitive performance is therefore an inevitable byproduct.

Think about that the next time you watch your fat co-worker fuck something up. They’re literally eating themselves retarded.

Thomas the Rhymer continues:
Not only that, but did you know that fat tissue has an enzyme called aromatase? Aromatase converts testosterone into oestrogen.

As for fat men, have you noticed how they can often be whiny and beta? I think it’s due to the same mechanism, their fat converts all their testosterone to oestrogen.
… (But) some studies show increased testosterone in obese women:

The opposite for men, though, obesity reduces testosterone:
Not just through the aromatase system but fat seems to inhibit testicular function directly.

Possibly obesity messes up ovarian function, oestrogen levels fall in women, then testosterone rises to compensate because it can be be turned into oestrogen through the backup aromatase system; that would explain the high testosterone paradox in overweight women. But that’s wild speculation on my part.

Moral of the story: men can increase testosterone by keeping body fat levels down.