I’m making some major life changes, and it’s affecting my interest to blog. This is for the better. One reason I’ve been active blogging is to vent a creative urge, to share experiences with other men, to be engaged in a social community.

But I’ve long known that the internet is not an adequate forum for getting ones social needs met.

So I’m working on magnetizing a community of like minded men towards working together on wealth and lifestyle building projects. So far it’s going well. And I’m finding that in person much more of what I am compelled to let out comes out – stories, new ideas – and better – in person interaction allows whole different levels of creative inspiration and fun. I’ve known this has been a lifestyle deficit for a while, and will be focusing my time and attention to this new direction; a direction of male cooperative effort within a sense of community. We are all going to be fucking rich and have regular access to attractive young women who consider us a syndicate of high value men. And we’ll have large balling villas, and boats for personal use and charter, and global connections, and on and on.

I think I’ve said most of what needed to be said here anyway. Time to focus on building up a much larger group of international business interests, pull together a tribe of inspired men, learn from them regarding areas of weakness I never noticed, and capitalize on my considerable areas of strengths to move us towards great personal and communal and lifestyle wealth, so that my own brand of game and my own sexual and lifestyle strategies are maximized. Forget cold approach – we’ll be making our businesses bring in the women and contacts to us. And more – I think a community of guys can offer more than just greater access to women.