soup Wrote: I think that a lot of people who “uphold marriage” etc. on the conservative side could never let themselves take the real red-pill.. they could never accept the truth that is game. And it is the same for the feminized leftists.

Game is more important than any of the other manosphere concepts. It transcends the two party system. This alone makes it a great threat to the status quo.

ElJefe Wrote: Again, this is good for the alphas in society, but bad for folks who play by the rules. Civilization is highly dependent on channeling the sexual energy of men into productive endeavors. If you spend all your time chasing tail, you’re not building a house, hacking a living out of the wilderness, and raising five little do-gooders. It’s the difference between barbarians where life is ended on a whim, and a modern civilization where society works as a team.

I think a lot of the liberal hating has to do with those who can see that taken to its logical conclusion, it undermines civilization.

This is transparent bulshit, and the ONLY reason it is ever put forward is as a socialist agenda for the underdogs who don’t want to compete.

Look, I’m working hard to build an empire. You know why I’m doing it? Take a guess.

Alphas outproduce the fuck out the so called “productive betas”.

There is more than one kind of alpha – they are not all street thugs. Most people compete financially and productively in order to get alpha status – especially as they age. And for players we compete harder and better knowing we’ll get hotter and younger girls that way.

This whole concept of alphas being unproductive thugs is the most stupid, self aggrandizing beta fuel I’ve ever come across. It’s a beta meme that deserves to be brutally killed.

ElJefe Wrote: When I said alpha, I meant someone who spends all their time fucking and seeking out the next opportunity to fuck, ie. the Heartiste definition.

DarkTriad Wrote: Except that’s not the Heartiste definition, not even close.

Yes, it’s a strawman definition of alpha, that creates a circular logic where the alphas are by definition the less valuable members of society.

Where the reality is that women are more attracted to men with greater financial means, and greater financial means tends to come from contributing more to society.

Sure, there is not a direct correlation to income earned and attraction, but there is a correlation. And working to buy that beemer in order to attract hotter women is a prime motivator for aging men to remain productive – and to increase production. The will for pussy access is the will to be more alpha and is expressed through greater production.

So it’s transparent beta-aggrandizing bullshit to pretend that the sexually successful are also social leeches. That’s just a feel good ideology to make the betas seem like the unrecognized Peter Parker underwear heros of the world.