I’m participating in a Q&A session going on now (2pm EST, Jan 18) in the theredpill reddit.

Here is the coming line up of the next Q&As.

Date (EST) Name Site
1/28/13 12:00pm xsplat Random Xpat Rantings
2/04/13 06:00pm RooshV RooshV , Return of Kings
2/13/13 11:00am Redpillwifey Adventures in Red Pill Wifery
2/19/13 Time TBA JonFrost25 Freedom Twenty-Five
2/24/13 8:00pm Jack Donovan Jack Donovan, The way of men

More TBA

Edit: Update- Roosh’s AMA is 6:00 pm

Previous AMAs

Date (EST) Name Site Link
1/09/13 12:00pm Ian Ironwood The Red Pill Room AMA Thread
1/15/13 10:00am Vox Day Alpha Game Plan AMA Thread
1/21/13 12:00pm Rollo Tomassi Rational Male AMA Thread