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Why women don’t want the unwanted betas to escape the plantation

Posted by xsplat on January 27, 2013

Hooligan Harry wrote a great takedown of the prevaling notion that marriages to mail order brides are less successful than marriages to locals. His research showed that such marriages were far more successful.

He then questions why women get upset when even the men they refuse to fuck escape the plantation and find happiness with a girl from abroad:

Im at a real loss trying to understand what the problem is. Its not something I would ever do, but I am sure the vast majority of these guys are probably decent guys, they are just a bit socially awkward and introverted. They are despised already and their options at home are so limited that they really have few worthwhile options. Women would not be giving them a second look, yet will be the first to shit their pants when these guys abandon the plantation like a bunch of escaped slaves. It seems to really bite the ass of a lot of people that these people are doing this now.

Women deliberately create the beta class of men, as if their sexual strategy of being provisioned for having a pussy relied on it. Which it does. They are hard wired to keep the bulk of men starving for pussy.

Look to how women are constantly trying to emasculate men – to lower their testosterone through snide looks and unwarranted put downs. This is an evolved group response to ensure that women as a group remain on a pedestal. That they appear difficult to attain, and therefore worth expensive and continual sacrifice.

The untouchables have a place in society – their job is to be untouchable. Without them women would lose hand. There is a strict social hierarchy, god damn it! No escape!

5 Responses to “Why women don’t want the unwanted betas to escape the plantation”

  1. Retrenched said

    This is also the reason why many women hate betas learning game, because it robs them of their fallback option. Sure, she wants the alpha to marry her, but if he doesn’t before her clock starts to tick she can always find a nice guy who will feel lucky as hell for some sloppy seconds… or thirty-seconds.

    BUT… if those nice guys learn game and figure out how to get laid now, and are able to sate their sexual appetites without incurring the risks of marriage 2.0, then suddenly that backup plan falls apart.

  2. Gentsworth said

    Ah, the 3rd Horseman of Male Emancipation at work. What a joy to watch the fallout. I love Globalization.

  3. AAB said

    ‘They are hard wired to keep the bulk of men starving for pussy.’

    That’s simliar to the mentality as a criminal drug-pusher: A drug pusher wants to have a captive audience/market, someone they can sell their drugs to and thus have a guaranteed source of income. Women are like this that they want a captive audience of men to keep giving them attention (beta orbtiers) or, as you say, a number of men as a fall back plan incase they don’t get lucky with the Alpha Male.

    This is probably why women are so hostile to other threats to their monopoly:
    – foreign women (and stigmatise them with the whole “you’re only ordering a mail order bride because you’re pathetic/loser etc” spiel), to make sure they have a captive audience.
    – porn
    – (probably in the future) hostility towards homosexuals.
    All of these threaten womans market dominance of sexual release.

  4. taterearl said

    “Look to how women are constantly trying to emasculate men – to lower their testosterone through snide looks and unwarranted put downs.”

    Women you expect it…but the worst part is how many loser men are doing the same thing.

    • AAB said

      ‘but the worst part is how many loser men are doing the same thing.’

      It’s true that many men do engage in the demasculation of other men, I don’t think we deserve to brand them all as losers (some of them possibly).

      It’s likely that they were demasculated a long time ago (by family and culture) and thus have female memes running around their head, which causes them to attack their fellow masculine men (e.g. mocking ‘Manly’ men as homosexuals in denial). And remember that it takes a lot of balls to question those female memes. So while those who willingly undermine their fellow men should be ‘outed’, there are many wounded/damaged men back there who don’t do it intentionally, they’re like pod-people, who need help in removing those female memes.

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