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The essence of feminism: single motherhood

Posted by xsplat on January 25, 2013

Teedub Wrote: Serious question. Why do feminists REALLY want there to be no innate differences between the sexes? I thought they wanted to be unique special snowflakes, so why this insistence of biological gender conformity?

They don’t. That’s a smokescreen for a naked power grab.

People say that it’s about a sexual strategy of lowering the value of the hotties, but that’s not all of it. Having power is also useful, in itself. With power a woman can fuck an alpha and provision her own kids – she doesn’t have to maintain the attraction of the alpha towards her.

So feminists are trying to get a society wide acceptance of single motherhood, and use all means possible to build up their power and finances so that they can raise the children themselves, or amongst themselves.

10 Responses to “The essence of feminism: single motherhood”

  1. Women really just want options to make choices for their lives, preferably without global condemnation. That’s how I take it anyway.

    • xsplat said

      Not all women are feminists, and MOST hard core feminists are physcially unappealing. They don’t have the same options as the cute girls.

      So they must create the options that allow them to raise alpha seed. Their looks won’t allow them to marry one.

    • Georgia Boy said

      Ah yes, the choice smokescreen again. When someone tells you women want more choices, or that the point of feminism is choice for women, the question you should ask yourself is, what choices?

      Say a bitter manosphere guy says feminism wants to rip him off by making him pay for the raising of kids that aren’t his, by using the government as daddy. Then a woman says no, we just want the choice to not be married. My response is great, then let’s absolve bitterboy of any taxes to pay for those children then. Since what you want is choices for yourself, that should be no problem right? “But you’re a member of society, what about the children, why should the woman have to do all the work, you’re selfish!” See, you really DO want to force him to pay raise other men’s children, or you would agree. You frame it as “A woman should have choices” … and try to end the sentence there. But it’s the same thing. Wanting the choice to do a bad thing, is wanting to do that thing.

      • Ashley said

        The problem with your question is that it assumes that all feminists agree and disagree on all the same things. Feminism is not one voice, you need to understand that first before you attempt to dismiss the views of any individual.

  2. Strauss said

    Not taking part with feminism but, can somebody explain why single motherhood is not a good choice? If women want to mate with alpha males so be it, presumably alphas have the best genes so why not allow it? If a man had the choice to mate with an ugly woman (beta,omega equivalent) or to mate with a model (alpha) then most would chose the alpha, even if it meant raising the child by themselves. As i said, i am not pro-feminism, but this seems like a valid choice.

    • xsplat said

      Personally I don’t see things in terms of what is valid, or right, or socially good, or whatever. I see things in terms of strategies. I agree with you that for some women they see this as their optimum strategy.

      So we should see their power grab for what it is, and not be duped into believing they want equal opportunity.

    • fedrz said

      Sure, fly at ‘er.

      You want to be a single mom by choice, and thus, want the best sperm available (ie. Alpha jizz), then fly at ‘er. I don’t really care who knocks you up.

      But, why should I, as a lesser than Alpha male, who doesn’t have children because he doesn’t rate alpha jizz status, have to pay for her slutty choices by proxy through the government? They aren’t my fucking kids, and thus, not my responsibility. NOT. AT. ALL.

      Yet, slutty Susan goes out and bangs Biff the Biker, gets pregnant, and because he’s an alpha cad who won’t stay with her, she gets funded by me nonetheless, either through my tax dollars which support these poor waifs who wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire, or by affirmative action jobs so “she don’t need no man” – and that man is me who is put out on the streets because she government mandated my job from me and onto herself.

      If women want to live by the standards of their own choices, FINE.

      But don’t expect me to subsidize it at my own expense and be happy about it.

      It’s the same thing as husbands having to pay for his wife’s divorce attorney, even though that attorney is trying to fuck him gently with a wooden spoon. Isn’t that fucking absurd? What’s next? The Jews having to chop the wood for their own death ovens, and told they should be happy to have the work?

      • xsplat said

        Ya, I’ve gotta agree – the agenda of feminism includes beta tax to support alpha seed. For ugly girls who can’t land a full time alpha provisioner.

  3. Isaac Jordan said

    “With power a woman can fuck an alpha and provision her own kids – she doesn’t have to maintain the attraction of the alpha towards her.”

    AKA, Alpha fucks and Beta bucks.

    And you’re absolutely right about viewing it in terms of strategy. That’s exactly what it is: women en masse realizing their biological imperative. Women want the best genes, and as many resources as they can get their hands on. Instead of marrying a beta and cuckolding him with an alpha, why not cut betas out of the equation entirely?

    The science behind it:


  4. […] The essence of feminism: single motherhood […]

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