Following up on The Essence of Feminism post;

Roosh said: Today on ROK I dropped a post called “Top 9 Ugliest Feminists In America.” (Server is down so you can view it via this screenshot: )

The feminists on the list are now retweeting it to their supporters (and they have a lot), saying how awful it is……s&src=typd

UgSlayer said: Feminists say they believe female beauty is a social construct and one that they don’t subscribe to.

Start panicking and using shallow, transparent defense mechanisms through social networking when someone calls them ugly.

MSW2007 Wrote: Funny that feminists and manginas everywhere rip on men that value women mostly for looks, but when someone like Roosh pisses them off, they immediately start looking for pictures and calling him ugly.

Athlone McGinnis wrote: They’re also prone to make insinuations about the size of the guy’s genitalia and his sexual history (usually by claiming that he is a virgin).

Feminists are the first to go on about the fallacy of judging people on the basis of their physical features…but they’ll be the first to shout about your supposed dick size if you piss them off (“lol I bet your dick is small!!!1111!”).

Feminists don’t want to be judged on the basis of their sexual history, but they’ll be the first to try and bring up the topic when faced with someone they don’t like (“lol you’re probably a virgin!!!!!111”).

The hypocrisy really starts to roll out once you stir up the hornet’s nest.

thedude3737 wrote: Is there an American feminist on earth that’s remotely hot? Or even bangable?

That’s really what it all comes down to in my head. I’m vaguely aware that there are all these loudmouthed hippos wasting their time and energy on Women’s Rights issues, while it seems like attractive women simply don’t have time for that shit. Attractive women of the world are used to getting treated quite well and get all the attention that their hamsters require, so there’s no reason for them to have a chip on their shoulder or feel like they’ve been slighted.

Feminists might as well classify themselves as “The Reject Pile”.

From one of the ugly femininists: “I mean, a lot of people think those 9 Uggo Feminists are quite hot because of their badassery”tom-cruise-laughing

Kitsune wrote: The good news is that real men don’t judge women on their looks, so being labelled ugly shouldn’t be a problem for these enlightened, educated paragons of 21st century philosophy.

ugly-feministPanacea wrote: i think if you looked like this you’d become a feminist too.

Therookie wrote: This is brilliant because it takes a page right out of feminist/Marxist strategy book. Saul Alinksy wrote the leftist strategy handbook, Rulebook for Radicals, in the 1970s. Hillary Clinton wrote her thesis on this book. It is completely value-neutral, however. The opponents of the leftists – the conservatives and libertarians – have ignored it at their own peril.

In my mind, this is the most important rule (from wiki)

RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

The left (and by extension feminism) has completely owned this tactic for probably 50 years. They will ignore all arguments and when they deign to respond they ridicule the opponent.

Many of the women in my family, and many of my women friends from college, will only respond to ridicule in political arguments because it is their own tactic that they use against men. It is ridiculously (no pun intended) effective. Never try to make a sincere, well-reasoned argument with someone prepared to ignore and ridicule you. Hit em back twice as hard.

Great job Roosh.

Nonpareil wrote: Wow, the comments section on the article has everything;

– NAWALT Trolling.
– ‘You hate women!’ Trolling.
– ‘You can’t handle strong womyn!’ Trolling.
– ‘I’m a male Feminist and Roosh is a cunt!’ Trolling.
– Projection Trolling (‘If you say they’re ugly, you must be ugly too, because only ugly people say other people are ugly!’).
– ‘This is bullying/hate speech!’ Trolling.
– ‘Well yeah…but men are ugly and fat too!’ Trolling.

When the best-looking of the nine is like a 3 (saying which of these hogs is the most attractive is like saying someone is the world’s smartest retard, but at least Valenti – after substantial clean-up and makeup magic, would look like a woman) what Roosh is saying is true. You know why there aren’t any attractive feminists? Attractive women don’t need to henpeck the government to get men to give them what they want.

Volk wrote: I wonder how those ugly feminists will do when they sit around with their nieces (daughters? yeah right) and they ask them about their fun, beautiful years, and the only thing they can come up with is “Well, I did write a lot about things that amounted to nothing”. They won’t be able to tell them about summer romances, or fun times when they were young and pretty because they were never pretty and in their heads, they were never young. So, there you go feminist guests, remember my words for the future. It’s still time to say at least, that you had a great time, unless your definition of fun is “Gripe about everything” and “Think about the cat” (In that case, rust in peace ladies)

I knew the majority of self-described feminists were unapologetic land yachts and Freddy Krueger stunt doubles, but even I was unprepared for some of those on the list. Careful gentlemen: staring too long may lead to attraction to the same sex. Be sure to combat any negative side effects by finding a beautiful feminine girl and blowing on her face.

Saw this all the time in Massachusetts; doesn’t matter if they’re Ivy League educated. The minute you call an ugly Harvard girl ugly, the mask of sardonic professionalism and snark drops and they instantly revert back to catty behavior and name-calling. Small dick insinuations are common, as are accusations of being a rapist, a pedophile, ugly yourself, or (my personal favorite) “not a real man.”

Remember they’re herd animals that spook easily. They can’t really help it; they’ve been conditioned to think their disgusting appearance and attitude are appealing, and when someone they can’t destroy with their mastery of LOLsarcasm comes along, they instantly turn into their true form: ugly, whiny fat girls.

From a feminist:feminist-hypocracy

I love everything about this.

Not only does it demonstrate situational feminism at its finest, but also that radical feminism’s power lies almost solely in appeal to authority.

Aasaxon wrote: Priceless reaction to the lindy west photo: my Thai girl of the night saw me browsing this thread and squeaked ” cuuuute” when she saw ms west. I thought she was trying to joke but she adores that screenshot. I wondered if fat acceptance was now fashionable in Thailand until she screamed ” piggy! Piggy cute”. The girl just recently saw the muppet show for the first time and thought this was a ” real actress version” of the ms piggy puppet.

ghostdog wrote: Women are not capable of receiving negative feedback, AT ALL.

they don’t even really understand that ROK branding them ugly, means they’re ugly down to every goddamn atom. If these women were warm, feminine, and argued logically, they’d be left alone. Camille Paglia is not attractive but the manosphere likes her.

They’re ugly because their way of handling their own ugliness is to make the rest of the world just as ugly, to lead beautiful women astray, to increase Downs Syndrome odds, and to be abrasive towards everyone and everything without reason.

I’ve met women who were ugly and fat who were actually tolerable. I can understand that life happens, people fuck up, nature isn’t fair, that fatness has the same foundation as any other addiction, and that it’s hard to find meaning in the modern world. These specific feminists aren’t human though. They write articles solely for the purpose of keeping other women in their ruts. They’re sociopaths.

I’m being particularly vicious towards these cunts because in recent years I’ve become very aware of the female hierarchy. Women can’t take the red pill overnight like men because they’re deathly afraid of other women. Feminist ideology gets ingrained in their psyches like a parasite, eating up all potential to love and be human. Valenti and the rest of them are basically watching over as all women go down the same conveyer belt towards misery while barring men from stopping this.

Thedude3737 wrote: In reading those tweets, it’s interesting to classify the male and female responses. Women tend to react to it with mockery, while men react with actual anger and disgust. It seems that men are actually more angered.

Just goes to show you who the real enemy is here.

tmason wrote: Well, since the damage has already been done, here is a link to a popular feminist blog, Shakesville, where all of the regulars posted pictures of each other.

I dare someone to find one, ONE, good looking picture of someone on there.

Rawgod wrote: Yeah, that’s really incredible. It’s not just a slight bias towards the ugly and overweight, it’s overwhelming.


thedude3737 wrote: That Shakesville site is a veritable GOLDMINE: ugly-feminist1ugly-feminist-manugly-feminist2ugly-feminist3ugly-feminist4ugly-feminist5ugly-feminist6 These, dear friends, THESE are what feminists look like. These are the voices who are dictating our post-modern social policies.

Head over to that site for more epic


Blackhawk wrote: What a load of spinsters. They should rename Shakesville as “The Old Maid Club”.

(Old Maid is a children’s card game in the US.
All the cards are in pairs except the Old Maid. No one wants to get stuck with the Old Maid.)old-maid-4

eye-cleanerArchitekt wrote: For anyone that actually saw the post, here’s something for your eyes

Hotwheels wrote: 50 bux says that broad is NOT a feminist