hot-piano-girlIn Thailand I seduced an English tutor. Or maybe the job was an opportunity to be seduced – she took it because I was a foreign man she might be interested in. My beanpole girl was a good six inches taller than me and I could suck her tits while inside her. I usually go for the mini-girls, but going out with my beanpole was a novelty.

Lately I’ve taken an interest in the keyboard. I just fiddle around on it, but the thing is magical in showing me new patterns. My dad taught me what major and minor chords look like when I was a kid, but since buying a keyboard a few months ago I’ve discovered other patterns on it. 2-1-2-1-2, or 2,1,1,2,1. Start with any key, then leave two spaces (I think in the books they count each key as a half space, but counting that way messes with my head), then leave one space between keys, then 2, 1, 2. With that pattern you can improvise on those keys and it will all sound good. Many of my favorite songs improvise up and down that pattern.

And I’m learning about how chords can play into each other. How D# major leans into A# major, or how F major leans into A# major. You just find chords that share common keys. Or how minor chords like to play into major chords, and vice versa. Or how you can shift a chord up or down a whole step or 1 1/2 steps (1 or two spaces) and it resolves nicely. My ear picks out mathematical patterns, then I notice the geometries of the patterns. The brain is wired to like certain arrangements of notes, which is quite amazing. My ears know geometry.

Lately I’ve been having dreams where I feel fulfilled by being surrounded by a community of people that I respect. So it’s on my mind to try to build up that community in real life.

And so here is a dating idea that can solve all three needs. The plan is to move to China where there are more expats, be social and pick my favorite friends and be introduced to circles. And for dating, rather than date any random hot girls, to go for girls who’ve had some culture and training force fed to them from a young age. Learning the piano is said to facilitate brain development, and I think is also meant to be a signal of status. So I want to have a few piano tutors come over each day, and I’ll go through dozens of them, seducing my favorites. In this way I’ll be enjoying my new hobby and getting way better at it than my unfocused diddling about, plus be targetting a demographic of cute girls I’ll find more interesting than the randoms.

But that plan must wait for a bit. First there is a stage of business development that I’m focusing on. But even for that I’ve decided it important to learn how to network – to bring in associates I can teach and learn from, and through working with a rat-pack take over more of the world together.

That must be another part of game – cultivating networks.

Many guys seem to think that cold approach is game. I’ve heard that cold approach doesn’t work as well in China, and besides, that is only one of many good ways to increase a mans dating pool. Disc-jockeys and dance instructors and bartenders don’t need to. Guys with huge social circles don’t do it – hell even actors often meet their women through work and social circles. There must be many creative solutions like this that target women for more than the shape of the ass, allowing a greater pre-selection, and avoiding the need to step up and say hi to a stranger in an awkward situation.

I know that some men won’t be able to bite their tongue, and will defend cold approach, as if cold approach needed defending. It’s a great and hard won skill that transforms the man into a better person.

But I’d rather not even be that better person if I can avoid it. If there is a workaround that works, I’m taking it. And I strongly suspect that there are workarounds that work much better than cold approach.