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Piano lessons game?

Posted by xsplat on January 24, 2013

hot-piano-girlIn Thailand I seduced an English tutor. Or maybe the job was an opportunity to be seduced – she took it because I was a foreign man she might be interested in. My beanpole girl was a good six inches taller than me and I could suck her tits while inside her. I usually go for the mini-girls, but going out with my beanpole was a novelty.

Lately I’ve taken an interest in the keyboard. I just fiddle around on it, but the thing is magical in showing me new patterns. My dad taught me what major and minor chords look like when I was a kid, but since buying a keyboard a few months ago I’ve discovered other patterns on it. 2-1-2-1-2, or 2,1,1,2,1. Start with any key, then leave two spaces (I think in the books they count each key as a half space, but counting that way messes with my head), then leave one space between keys, then 2, 1, 2. With that pattern you can improvise on those keys and it will all sound good. Many of my favorite songs improvise up and down that pattern.

And I’m learning about how chords can play into each other. How D# major leans into A# major, or how F major leans into A# major. You just find chords that share common keys. Or how minor chords like to play into major chords, and vice versa. Or how you can shift a chord up or down a whole step or 1 1/2 steps (1 or two spaces) and it resolves nicely. My ear picks out mathematical patterns, then I notice the geometries of the patterns. The brain is wired to like certain arrangements of notes, which is quite amazing. My ears know geometry.

Lately I’ve been having dreams where I feel fulfilled by being surrounded by a community of people that I respect. So it’s on my mind to try to build up that community in real life.

And so here is a dating idea that can solve all three needs. The plan is to move to China where there are more expats, be social and pick my favorite friends and be introduced to circles. And for dating, rather than date any random hot girls, to go for girls who’ve had some culture and training force fed to them from a young age. Learning the piano is said to facilitate brain development, and I think is also meant to be a signal of status. So I want to have a few piano tutors come over each day, and I’ll go through dozens of them, seducing my favorites. In this way I’ll be enjoying my new hobby and getting way better at it than my unfocused diddling about, plus be targetting a demographic of cute girls I’ll find more interesting than the randoms.

But that plan must wait for a bit. First there is a stage of business development that I’m focusing on. But even for that I’ve decided it important to learn how to network – to bring in associates I can teach and learn from, and through working with a rat-pack take over more of the world together.

That must be another part of game – cultivating networks.

Many guys seem to think that cold approach is game. I’ve heard that cold approach doesn’t work as well in China, and besides, that is only one of many good ways to increase a mans dating pool. Disc-jockeys and dance instructors and bartenders don’t need to. Guys with huge social circles don’t do it – hell even actors often meet their women through work and social circles. There must be many creative solutions like this that target women for more than the shape of the ass, allowing a greater pre-selection, and avoiding the need to step up and say hi to a stranger in an awkward situation.

I know that some men won’t be able to bite their tongue, and will defend cold approach, as if cold approach needed defending. It’s a great and hard won skill that transforms the man into a better person.

But I’d rather not even be that better person if I can avoid it. If there is a workaround that works, I’m taking it. And I strongly suspect that there are workarounds that work much better than cold approach.

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  1. t said

    I know I keep suggesting topics, but I think there would also be a lot of interest in your thoughts on business. I understand you like to keep things anonymous and not give away your niches, but whatever you give would be appreciated.

  2. Markus said

    I’d say that social circle game is more rewarding: if you get inside a clique/circle it means you have been preselected, and the more regarded the “introducer”, the more regarded the introduced. (I saw a documentary called “Starsuckers” which explains how this works in the context of celebrity worship: the closer you are to the epicenter of a phenomenon, namely the celebrity, the higher your status in society as large; turns out being a hanger-on is a very successful and relatively low-risk survival strategy. See: Henry Kissinger.)

    I know a guy, an eye doctor, who does “soiree game”, as it were: he invites people over, always cultured, smart, upper-middle class people either by birth or work, who then reciprocate. He focuses on getting social approval, so he’s super chummy with the guys and lets the women hamsterize about him. He expands his Rolodex, fucks classy broads and manages to have a good time of it. He elevated this to an art form, and you pretty much have to, because cliques resemble those highly matriarchal tribes where the Feminine Hive Mind can easily banish you should you fall afoul of them. News travels fast, so you have to really mind your step. You can’t just pump and dump them, unless it’s their decision.

    What he does is he strings them along, pretends to be a “serious man in search of true love”, he inoculates objections and makes their hamsters spin wildly through perfectly crafted anecdotes about failed past love affairs and “errors”, enters into a relationship, fucks them silly, then leaves while being “very sorry” about it, because it’s him, not her, and all that. And what’s incredible is that the women he dumps will usually talk him up, because he’s so proper about it. Which works like a charm in the right venue.

    I digress. I guess the point is that cold approach is more of a numbers game, and the girls certainly more flaky, because they don’t know anything about you except what they have gleaned from the first interaction. They have no real reason to be nice, or follow-up, or even talk to you again, since their investment is nonexistent and suffer no consequences. But it’s also more forgiving because if you do something stupid, you can get a blank slate easily and almost painlessly.

    So, cold approach pros: no strings attached very possible, perhaps more fun, hones general social skills, low social risk. Cons: flaky girls, numbers game, lousy close ratio, considerable investment, no preselection so more difficult; quality a woman are few and far between (depends on luck, venue, etc.). It’s young guy game.

    Social approach pros: highly selective environment of like-minded people; preselected participants means higher quality pool of receptive leads; conventional attraction points such as physique less important – how much you fit in and who and what you are is what counts; you game guys and girls, so opportunities for advancement in business, skills, and so on. Cons: needs more work; usually goes slower; less forgiving of blunders and faux pas; high maintenance. It’s veteran game.

  3. OlioOx said

    xsplat check out this piano practice technique book: http://www.pianopractice.org/

  4. […] Piano lessons game? « Random Xpat Rantings […]

  5. yousowould said

    I’m with you on the attitude to cold approach. It’s just far too much like hard work, when there exists much easier ways to get access to regular poon. Work smarter, not harder.

    That said, I am still planning on taking a coaching session soon to brush up on my cold approach skills. Whilst it will never be my preferred method, I do not like to think there is anything that I cannot do through lack of skill, so I want to master it, to then be able to choose when to use it based on merit.

  6. DVY said

    Cold Approach is a worth-while skill too. Its applies to new people you meet in social circle.

    What if you get to a bar before your “in”. I like to mingle and socialize, then merge into groups when my “in” arrives.

    Plus go out enough, and you start recognizing the same people. There aren’t that many high-end venues, rich and classy people who go out even in bigger cities. The percentages are quite small.

    Cold basically becames warm after extended period of time, which becomes social approach. There is no clear-cut distinction w/time.

    • xsplat said

      Yes, I realize that it’s a very useful skill. It’s a weak point of mine, and a weak point I’d rather not have.

      I’ve been living in places where most people don’t speak English, without having learned the local lingo, so I don’t have quite the same cold approach opportunities as elsewhere. But I do it sometimes, and have had success.

      But to get to the point where I do that requires me to be single for at least a few weeks – I really need to feel compelled by a strong urge to overcome the social anxiety. I used to be a travelling salesman specialzing in vending to college aged girls, so I have plenty of experience building rapport with cute female strangers, but on a stroll down the beach, most girls will be in packs and mixed groups, and I’m not comfortable trying to “open” them. Lots of guys aren’t. The dogma is that with practice you learn to not mind it, and can even learn to enjoy it. Is that really true for everyone? I’m not sure, but I do know that that style of meeting people has a barrier to entry. It comes with a cost.

      I’m not adverse to the skill – I’m saying that the barrier to entry is something that I, quite naturally, want to avoid.

      Are there workarounds? Are there solutions that work at least as well?

      It might be that without that skill and discipline, my dating pool will always be smaller than it could be. That would make sense. But can it still be a big enough dating pool using several creative workarounds? Online dating, social circle game, owning a social high status business, interviewing secretaries, seducing music and language tutors, and so forth.

      And I also question the value of a shotgun approach for LTRs. I’ve gotten myself into some fucked up relationships that started with cold approach. At least with online dating you are screening for people who are looking for LTRs. And I like to keep a girl (or three) around for at least 4 months. I’m really not about the one night stands – in fact I’d rather not risk losing my hormonal ability to bond.

      So ya, maybe I’m making too strong a case against cold approach, but the fact remains – I don’t like to do it, and only do it when I’m horny as hell and haven’t fucked anyone in a few weeks. I want my lifestyle to do most of the work for me.

  7. avd said

    “The dogma is that with practice you learn to not mind it…”

    Beware dogmatists… they do not have your best interests at heart… whether religion, or politics, or RSD.

    “I want my lifestyle to do most of the work for me.”

    Game, boiled down to its essence, is this.

    Appreciate your blog, x.

  8. Are you leaving Indonesia and moving to China?

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