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I’m sorry to say it, ladies; to quote the Doctor, “You think that everybody is the same,” but you’re just not constitutionally set up to the Man in the relationship.

The Charlie Sheens, Bad Boy Bikers, and Drug Dealers of this world are users; the Real Men are the lovers and protectors of women. Ladies, think about how much you love children – yet how willing children are to turn on their parents. We don’t even need to go so far as Soviet Russia, just think of the teenage rebellion , the child’s indifference to the pain they cause their parents.

Us Men love you in exactly the same way (editor: paternally); that’s why for generations we’ve sweated in the coal mines and bled on the battlefields to keep you safe.

Feminism fed you a disastrous lie – they promised you all the supposed privileges that came with being a Man, while never telling you about the heavy burdens which came along with it. They told you that Men were just as capricious as you with our Love, when nothing could be further from the Truth. They drove a wedge between our two genders; made you ashamed of your Womanly Strength, Empowered you into positions you weren’t suited for, while turning Men into simpering, pale shadows of what they once were.

We don’t have Husbands in our culture any more; what we have is male wives, and lesbianized relationships.

Empowerment turns you into a caricature; your True Strength as a Woman is in supporting and driving Masculine Achievement through your Love. It’s too late for Sandra Tsing Loh – her final line, “men of the future, here’s a handy tip: continue to work on your dancing” is an obvious metaphor for sex, but as she ages her looks will fade, the sex will disappear, and her only love will come from her cats.

You young women of today have a choice: become cherished wives with a Masculine Husband you support – or a sex object in your twenties, a lesbian in your thirties, and an Old Maid in your dotage.


From therawness: If a guilty person did something wrong and no one else knew, they would still feel bad, because even though their image is still intact, it’s their actions and the content of their character that matters to them. If a shame-prone person did something wrong and no one else knew, they would not feel bad because as long as their image is fine, everything else is fine, regardless of whether their actions are morally right or wrong. To a shame-prone person, actions are only “right” or “wrong” to the extent that they damage his or her reputation or image, regardless of the actual intent and impact of the actions. To a shame-prone person, actions only matter when they damage the image, cause feelings of exposure and embarrassment, and reveal that they are flawed to their core, making them feel like frauds.


And a comment from TheShiningOne on cedonulli about Ceasar Romano the Dog Whisperer getting divorced:

/ December 29, 2012

The problem is, he didn’t use these principles with his wife (or rather he used them, but reversed), and she ended up divorcing him. See that post (and especially the comments by koanic) and that video of him with her:

He says in his first book that, having grown up in Mexico, he used to be sexist and treat her badly, but he later realised that he had to act “calm and submissive” with his wife.


From therawness:

For example, a person may learn about narcissism after being burned by a few, and may end up calling out those few narcissists from a position of weakness, after they’ve already been used, sure. But once (or rather, IF) a person learns from such experiences and educates themselves and says “never again,” they won’t ever get deep in a relationship with one again, and the only time they’ll ever use the “N” word is preemptively, when they see the warning signs and call the narcissist out early before giving them the boot. From that point the word is being used from a position of strength, effectively saying, “I see through you and your bullshit and you’re never getting a chance to use me. You’re a phony, a fraud, a front, an impostor.” To a narcissist that’s a huge form of narcissistic injury, especially if this shaming happens in front of an audience.


deti says on dalrock:

Off topic here a little bit….

I’m noticing a decided meme among the manosphere’s critics and erstwhile allies stating essentially the following:

1. The “female imperative” is a figment of men’s imaginations; a boogeyman on which men can blame their sexual and relationship failures..
2. Feminism is a convenient crutch on which men can blame their failures.
3. The manosphere all of the worst attributes of feminism: radical hatred of the opposite sex, scapegoating the opposing sex for all the world’s problems, extreme political and sociological positions on women in general.
4. The manosphere is great at figuring out the shortcomings of women, but pisspoor at figuring out men’s own shortcomings.
5. The manosphere is creating hardened cynics and teeth-gritting ideologues divorced from reality.

I would have to agree that there are some men stuck in that mode. But I would have to ask the manosphere’s detractors what they can offer men who have been stripped of their assets and children in a divorce. What do they have to offer someone like Wibbins who comes here admitting he needs some schooling on alpha traits and that he shouldn’t be asking his fiancee what she wants to do all the time? What help or instruction can they offer men who have failed time and again in their relationships after doing everything their feminized parents, teachers, pastors and other civic and religious authorities told them to do in their dating and relationship lives?

All I see in the above is: “You are all angry and bitter losers who can’t get laid. You need to grow up, man up, suck it up and accept the new reality. You can’t judge me! Take that plank out of your own eye before you try taking the mote out of my eye!”…

These criticisms are coming mostly from within the manosphere and from allies. And I think to a point the criticism is valid: Whining and complaining is beta. Blaming others for one’s own failings and an inability or unwillingness to acknowledge one’s own role in his problems doesn’t help at all. Men HAVE to do this in order to get past square one.

My point was to turn this back to the detractors and ask them: why do you think there are more and more men like this, turning into hardened cynics and blaming women for everything? Could it be that they have something of a point? And why do these detractors expect men to take on self-improvement when there is no incentive? Why are these detractors ignoring that men respond to incentives? What incentivizes them to improve in a society in which the economic pie seems to be shrinking; the women they should be dating and marrying are instead competing against them for jobs, money and resources; and most of the women don’t want them anyway?

The response seems to be “Well, you men need to man up anyway, even if there’s no benefit to doing so.” And the reply right back from men is: WHY? Yes, there DOES need to be something in it for me.


My tip: insist on full economical control. Nothing less. If she wants to be your only source of nara, demand to be her only source of yamo.

(nara= any and all qualities females have that attract men)
(yamo= any and all qualities males have that attract females)

I have told my wife that she is not allowed to accept money from any man, except her father and brother. Companies and governments are considered men. The moment she does, she is not receiving any more money from me.

She is entitled to her own money, and i regularly give her money. I do not control how she uses them. She has chosen to save them, and i counseled her to invest it in silver, and she did so.



From rvforum Height. Facial looks. Physique. Money. Social status. Fame. Lifestyle. Confidence. Charisma. Swagger. Social intelligence. Grit. Congruency. Style. Exotic appeal. Culture. Practice. All of these things are elements of what women are attracted to IMHO. So, yeah height isn’t everything by a long shot – just part of a package.


The fact that many guys put in an effort to build that attraction and become that better man kills the ideal of organic attraction that most women want to maintain. The fact that something like “game” exists at all is even more damaging because it implies that there are some concrete formulas and methods that produce better results than others, killing the notion of “magical love” that they’d much prefer to cling to.

In the end, this all comes down to feelings. Women “feel” uncomfortable with inorganic models of sexual attraction. Game promotes an inorganic model of attraction by telling them that there is a formula that can increase a man’s appeal and that a woman can be drawn with practice and perfection of this formula. Therefore, game makes women feel uncomfortable.


Westcoaster said “Why not just be honest and say you don’t want that?”

xsplat: It seems womens brains are not only not wired to know what they want, but are wired to not know what they want. Rollo has explained it as having to do with their need to convince providers that the providers are sexually wanted, in order to attract and keep providers. Nature has decided that the best way to convince others of a lie is to believe it yourself.


From alphagameplan: Once you have successfully established that she is not, for whatever reason, capable of rationally discussing a specific matter in the circumstances, understand that there is literally nothing within the realm of the dialectic that you can do to convince her to change her position. However, this does not mean she cannot be convinced, only that she will have to be convinced in a rhetorical manner, using a rhetorical device.

What are the rhetorical devices? As always, the instruments that can be used most successfully on another individual are those preferred by the individual himself. We all give away our weaknesses by our attempts to exploit the weaknesses of others. The scientist who goes right to academic credentials can be easily trumped by an appeal to superior credentials. The woman who quickly resorts to name-calling is susceptible to being called names. The statistician can be won over with statistics. It is the Bill Belichick strategy: attack the strength of the defense.


Majority of Men allow women a clear choice: be a slut and have a lot of variety sex but no good matrimonial prospects or be chastise and have a chance to find a husband, but at the cost of having lots of variety sex.
You are free to both either one, you will not be able to do both.
It’s called “being conscious about your partner’s N” (where “N” – number of previous sexual partners)

This expressed denial of the idea that women can have it both ways (both have variety sex AND have a husband later on) is somehow viewed as slut shaming – because men seemingly “take away” the ability of a slut to marry, thus punishing her for her choices.
But of course this is not true, as there is can be no “right to marry”. Marriage is a contract, and if I don’t like the subcontractor, I just don’t enter into agreement with him. I am not punishing my subcontractor for being bad – because I did not owed to let him be my subcontractor in the first place.
And really – slut shaming is a frigging myth nowadays. Ladies, you are NOT heroines of the Scarlet letter.


And in line with Ricky Raws post about shooting down a narcissist by cutting at her core conception of self. He used the examples of standup comics dealing with hecklers, and included videos.
Professor Ashur said

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and occasionally his dick.

The way to a woman’s brain is through her self-confidence. You must put severe cracks in it before the knowledge can be absorbed into the mind.

For a woman, emotion and empiricism are tightly intertwined.

Illogical as it may seem, one way to get a point across to an obstinate woman would be to say something like:

“I thought chubby girls like you were supposed to be the smart ones. Usually only the hot ones are total airheads.”

Now it may seem that the chunkiness of her posterior would not have much correlation to the topic under discussion, but that is because you’re a man.

There are precious few women who are not deeply concerned about their weight and appearance.

This absolutely brutal blow to her ego is just what the doctor ordered; It will cut deep furrows into the soil of her pride, allowing the seed of knowledge to enter and be watered with humility.

“Haha, you’re FAT!” is LETHAL to a woman’s self-esteem. It is to a woman what a book of facts would be to an argument made against a man.



From We’re all familiar with the sort of woman who weighs 300lbs, has three babies by three daddies, and still thinks she’s entitled to a top-tier guy because she claims to have a nice personality. But while the red-pill seduction community is quick to mock such a woman as delusional, many within it will mollycoddle the milquetoasts who refuse to accept that women will judge them on superficial, materialistic and aesthetic factors, rather than purely on the quality of their game. We rightly mock women who refuse to adhere to the standards men and nature hold them to. Well, the men who refuse to make the basic changes to their lives that will make them 10x more attractive, and instead choose to doggedly pursue the perfect openers and attraction-building stacks that will allow them to talk away their ugly faces, are adopting the same entitled mentality.

The analogy is not a perfect one, because an ugly man with some combination of power, fame and good social skills truly can enter the top tier of attractiveness, while a genetically unfortunate woman cannot. … But the core value of this blog is that the most certain way of earning greatness is by deserving it.


From Yousowould: If I could go back in time 5 years, I would tell myself not to obsess so much over women, and devote my energies equally to developing myself in all areas, especially financially – you simply cannot overstate the effect having the GDP of a small African nation in their bank account has on people’s confidence. I could have made a shortcut to the top, instead of taking the long and winding road.


With narcissists, enabling behavior always makes the situation worse — always. This is true because narcissists are perfect, and any problems that come up are by definition the fault of others.

For many years I believed narcissists were simply incredibly annoying, until I was taught by direct experience that they can also be incredibly dangerous. So please, don’t ask me to take the high road with people who can’t be bothered to locate the road.

I want nothing to do with these twisted characters. Life is too short to spend it trying to please people who are to human society what a tick is to a dog.

I have to confess that I still believe that. I think a person’s worth is measured by nature, in her own terms, not by joining a clique of mutual praise with no connection to reality.

So please, when you write me, don’t assume I am an encounter group, or that I will tolerate people who need constant praise and reassurance. My personal handicap is that I expect from people more or less what nature expects — a self-sustaining organism, more interested in truth than fantasy.


From Since 2000, on psychological tests designed to detect narcissism, the scores of residents of the United States have continually increased. Psychologists have suggested a link to social networking.[4]
Some may have a limited or minimal capability of experiencing love.


Ghostdog wrote: All of these feminists are trying to sound sarcastic and proud to make the list as though they are perfect except for their appearance, and men just can’t see that, when really it’s their core that bothers us so we’re attacking them on superficial grounds because that’s where it hurts. They think that they’re geniuses, yet they don’t have the actual substance it takes like Paglia. Layers upon layers of denial and empty self validation allow them to function and recruit fanbases while being rotten frauds. The fact that some people can pick up on this can’t completely elude them, hence the snarky twitter replies.


From stickmanbangkok: Exotic Bangkok is disappearing as the city looks more like a modern Asian metropolis. What was not so long ago referred to as the third world is now firmly an upper middle income country.

The Thais delight in the rapid development of their country and so should we. Income levels are soaring, standards of living improving but with it comes a tinge of sadness that the Bangkok of old with its charm and mystery is disappearing.



“Whenever I encounter a typical American bitchy woman, I think ‘yes, she really could inspire erectile dysfunction in an iron bar.” – Fred Reed