model-auditionsThe story below is from gringoed

Last week I experimented with posting an ad in the newspaper looking for students to help me with my spanish, and received over 70 responses, about 75% female.

The ad in La Voz, the biggest newspaper in Cordoba. It cost me $10. I met with 5 of them, after looking up all the emails on facebook, and chose the top 2. Both are great teachers, into me, and cheap. One of them already wants to introduce me to her friends.

Today I just submitted a new ad looking for females who want to be models age 18-28, and to send me a picture.

About 40 responses so far with tons of pictures. Lots of 7’s and 8’s, about five 9’s.

Right now, I still have not decided what to do with all these wanna-be models!

Weapons: The two that I chose are a 7 and an 8, ages 28 and 20 respectively. I turned down another 8 because she seemed aloof, not an exceptional teacher, and not really into me. My original plan was the get in with their friends because a warm approach does WONDERS here. However, the 20 y/o is fucking perfect for me. A 10/10 on personality/outlook/etc so I’m going to use everything that I know about Cordoba game on her. Unfortunately, that means I’ll still be building comfort a month from now.

The problem is that I have over 50 replies from good looking girls, it would take me forever to coordinate and meet with all of them. A possible scenario is to have them all come to one event (classy of course) with a professional photographer and screen them out for looks and interest in one shot.

Yes, drinks are definitely key. Champagne? I think the right angle here is to project myself as a super high status Yankee, and that by knowing a lot of movers and shakers I can give them a pretty sweet ride.

As of right now I have 54 email responses from girls with pictures. 45 are hot. The time to strike is now!!

Update on the Cordoba models project:

I reserved a large rooftop on 4/24/10 for a big party to meet and do basic photos of the models in dresses and bikinis.

The plan now is to having this lavish party with catering, champagne, etc. to put across this image of swank LA living. I plan to hire a professional photo crew to take professional-quality digital photos of the girls that I can later give to the girls for their own personal use. Most of the photos I was emailed (about 60 emails with photos in total) were amateur so this will definitely provide them with value.

Meanwhile, I plan to have them fill out short questionnaires to find out exactly what they’re willing to do, for example:

Semi-nude photo shoots
Nude photo shoots
Nude video shoots
Masturbating video shoots

I’m planning for at least 25 to show up.

Roosh Wrote: This plan works the access problem (of meeting hot girls).

Curious what your strategy is for sealing the deal with them.

This is something that I’ve been thinking about.

I think there are three potential directions with this:

1. Go the sleazy route and imply that banging me would help their career chances tremendously. There are a lot of questions with this, such as how early and how obvious should I make this implication?

2. Run legit game. This has even more question marks b/c this is Argentina.

3. Pay them for porn

I’m thinking of experimenting with all 3. Ideas?

Here’s what happened at the models party we had yesterday. I had such a great time, I’m not going to forget this for a long long time!

It turned out that 5/1 is a national holiday here in Argentina where nobody works. That made finding a photographer and beverage service much harder to find, but at the last minute we found them so it all worked out. Litererally a couple hours before it starting, I had doubts that either would show up.

The layout: The rooftop had an indoor and outdoor area. We decided to set up the photographer outdoors and have the drinks/social indoors. We had perfect weather. For drinks, we had 4 different options– all alcoholic including champagne. We started with chill music then upped the tempo as the night and alcoholic buzz went up. Total cost of everything (ad, drinks, photographer, rooftop, pizza) about 650 pesos or about $170 dollars.

The turnout: I had 15 RSVP, and 8 showed up. Some brought friends so the total turnout was about 12. This turned out to be a pretty good number. On the other side of the table was me (the head of the ficticious modeling agency), Partytime (my top talent scout), and my Argie friend (my advisor and business partner for operations in Argentina).

People started arriving at 9pm. Some were hot, some were just ok. At 10pm I gave a speech in English and my Argie friend translated. I explained who we were (unfortunately some lies scattered in) and what we were doing that night. We wanted to take the girls to a nearby club after we were done with the pictures.

After the speech we started taking photos of the girls individually while posing. To stay in character, I coached the models on what to do as well as the photographer. I’m proud to say we got some pretty good shots!

Meanwhile, Partytime sat down with them individually to get all their information and what kind of work they are willing to do (film, photo, nude, etc). He also buttered them up by saying to each of them that they are special, better than the rest, and they should come to the club with us. He did a great job because almost all of them came with us to the club.

By the time we were done with photos, everybody was nicely buzzed and a couple of them were flat out drunk. After a little pizza, we walked to the club and lost a couple along the way. When we arrived, we still had 9 girls and got in easily.

Upon entering it was pretty clear there were 3 chicks who were really into us, so I focused on the top two, an 18 y/o and a 20 y/o (cuter). The third was busty as hell and not my type at all.

Long story short, about an hour later, my Argie friend and I take back the three chicks to my apartment. My Argie friend takes the busty one somewhere in the building, while I take the other two into my apartment. On the way up, I make out with both of them. Once we’re inside, we pop open some wine and start up a hookah. Partytime calls me to see what’s going on, then comes over.

The 18 y/o is so clearly down, so even though I was mostly making out with the 20 y/o in the apartment, I take the 18 y/o to my bedroom and bang her. She is a horrible lay, worst of my life. 18 year old chicks are definitely overrated.

Partytime banged the same chick in the morning.

The 20 y/o slept in my bed but wasn’t down to fuck.

The busty chick I’m pretty sure banged my Argie friend. He certainly could have if he wanted to.

This is not the end. There is more potential in this group. I’m planning to have the models come to my apartment individually to get copies of their photos and discuss what they can do to improve. The other girls clearly saw us getting gamed and I think they realize they need to step up their game. There may also be good potential with the cute 20 y/o, after all she did make out and sleep in my bed!

Overall, everybody had a blast. All the girls, too. I’d like to try this in other places, such as Eastern Europe. My Argie friend was so pumped that he is seriously considering doing talent recruitment in his spare time here in Cordoba.

Good times!!!!!

doriangray Wrote: Was there actually a chance for these girls to make something out of these photos or was it all just lies to get them into bed?

I wanted to make sure it was as legit as possible, so heres the value (besides fun, drinks, etc) we gave them:

1. Copies of the photos of them. Most of them didn’t have professional quality photos to self-promote.
2. For the ones that are interested in nude photography, I’m planning to offer them a paid opportunity.
3. Experience with posing and professional advice. Some of the girls had never done a photo shoot before.
4. We now have contacts with some other agencies here in Cordoba, and we’ll pass them along to them if it makes sense.

We never implied in any way that they needed to bang us to improve their chances. The girls were legitimately attracted to us– part of the reason is they were just having more fun that night with us than they’d had in a long time!

Partytime wrote: I want to add some of my thoughts to GringoEd’s excellent description of the night.

First of all, we had an absolute BLAST. Even if we had not gotten laid, it was so much fun!!! (btw I talked to our Argentine friend. he got laid too, and its a hilarious story. I will tell it shortly)Thumb upThumb upThumb up

So let me start out by saying that if you want to attract wild girls, put out a modeling ad!!! These girls were definitely more wild than the average girl. Not all of them, of course, but many of them.

To be honest I was a little pessimistic about how this would turn out. We had invited them over at 9pm. i thought there was a good chance that they would show up, have their pictures taken, not drink much alcohol, and go home at 11 to eat dinner (thats dinner time here in AR). But hell no!!! Aspiring models love to party!!! These girl drank, and boy did they drink. They finished almost all our alcohol! And as the night went on my smile got bigger and bigger!!! Around 1:30am we ordered pizzas and shortly after hit the club: 9 girls and 3 guys. No need to mention we whipped right past the line. Cool

Now there is a big difference between girls you cold approach in a club, who don’t know you from any other schmo in the club, and girls who just did a professional photoshoot on your snazzy rooftop, who know they are in competition with other hotties, who see you as high-status Americans in the modeling agency, who are drinking your champagne and high end liquor. There was a totally different vibe with these girls. Some of them were really all over us. And its really funny that one of the girls mentioned how the other girls were acting like sluts. Girls are so jealous. They totally proliferate the men/women double standard.

So as GringoEd mentioned, my role was to sit down with them one-on-one durring the photoshoot, take down their info, and have a chat with them.
I told every girl that I thought she had great oppertunities, and to make sure to come to the club after the photoshoot. I told them all not to tell the other girls because not all of them are “model quality” and I dont want their feeling so get hurt. hehehehe. Evil Well, just about all of them joined us to the club.

Ok, so now on to the story about our Argentine friend and the girl he banged that night. So at the club shes all over him and he tells her “lets go”. She asks where (as if she didnt know. hehe). He tells her not to worry about where, takes her hand and takes her. As soon as he gets her into his apartment he takes off his pants. This is in the living room, he doesnt even get to the bedroom. he sticks his dick right near her mouth and tells her to start. Shes asks “start what?” (again as if she doesnt know. hehehe). He says “start sucking” and she does.hehehe! He bangs her on the couch. After he finishes she he strait up tells her to get out. hehe sometimes hes a bitch when hes drunk. She wants to stay the night, but he makes her leave. Man, was I cracking up as he told me this story!!!

All together a lot of fun!

CLR wrote: spend 100 dollars on victorias secret gift bags (everywhere I have been in the world women LOVE V. Secret stuff). Right now next to me I have some left overs a few body sprays, lotions, and lip gloss, and panties, VS bags and tissue paper…. each bag costs about 10 bucks.

I give them away when girls are good (reinforce behavior I like) for birthdays etc…. Costs very little but looks like its expensive. Remember most VS stuff is twice the retail price where ever you go internationally. Plus I make my own gift bags, I do the whole, buy 4 for this special price, and pick what I buy based off the deal at the moment. Buy in bulk, post your add with a little mystery, Sponsered by victoria secret, top 10 girls get a victoria secret gift bag. The girls will work that much harder to be in the top 10 Smile Plus the sponsored part makes you look more legit.

I guarantee you will get more responses. Just make sure when they sign in they see all those pink bags lined up…. that’ll get the juices flowing.