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Money, looks, juice, charisma. Let’s talk about juice.

Posted by xsplat on January 10, 2013

The post below is stolen from a uvtblog post from 2009

Top 10 Factors:

From a woman’s honest perspective, ALL men are judged on this scientific, UvT Scale of desirability including FOUR main factors:

1. Money – This one speaks for itself.  Most women will just come out and admit that loot gets them wet.  Some lie and talk about the “nice things” they like that just so happen to require money they don’t have!  AHNT  In the end, it’s ALL about the dough.


This is such a given that I won’t even bother to elaborate any further.

2.  Looks –  Don’t be fooled, women are just as superficial as men are, but their superficiality manifests itself in different ways.  Most babes just get hot and heavy for a good looking guy such that all of their “rules” go out the window.  No hit on the first date, they hit. No back door, it’s open season.  No playing the roll of the side hizzie, he’s got another family in Virginia.  I mean, they let cats run all over them.  I know, I know, many babes are seen with worse looking men, so they must be about substance.  WRONG.  First, we have the 3 other factors
that trump good looks.  But secondly, womens’ superficiality can be so complex that it trumps good common sense. Like have you ever met a chick that is so insecure and so narcissistic that she actually dates a ugly dude so she can feel prettier?  Crazy but true. She’s still superficial alright, just crazy as a bat and well aware of what else he can do for her.


3.  Juice – Now this is something that is highly underrated because it’s hard to isolate.  Unlike Money and Looks, Juice is hard to quantify.  College provides the best example.  For some, a guy’s affiliation in a frat makes him suddenly more desirable.  That’s why you see babes flocking to cats once they go from random dude to frat guy. For
others, playing on a sports team, like that cat who walked on for Duke Basketball but never played?  Right, there’s something about recounting that conversation he had with Grant Hill, Chris Duhon, Carlos Boozer or JJ Redick that brings out Juice chicks want.  All he’s got is a tacit affiliation to real ballers, but it’s good enough.  After all, he plays for the Duke Basketball team, right?  It all just depends.  For some low cats in our society, a “good man with a job” is Juice enough. One thing I know, Juice matters and it’s good even independent of Looks and Money.

4.  Charisma – Ok, I’m not so Machiavellian to believe that personality doesn’t matter at all.  It does.  Of course, among the four factors, it matters least, but it does matter.  We all know or have seen
that dude who is relatively bad looking, broke, juiceless, jobless and just overall objectively terrible, with some babe way above his pay grade.


If you haven’t seen this dude, tune into Jerry Springer any time to see these heifers fighting over him. ha  He’s got charisma or to put it in street vernacular, “Game”.  Game matters, a lot.  Wit, humor, listening skills or just plain persistence. Call it what you want, but he’s got it and it only helps.

Fair enough.  No more jabber. let’s get to…

The Women’s List 1-10:

10.  The Objectively Attractive, Monied Cat with major Juice and Real Charisma.


You can throw Will Smith in this group as well.  Let’s face it, these cats can do no wrong in the eyes of women.  They’ve literally got it all and can pretty much have what the want, when the want it.

9.  Super Looted Guy –


I know, I know, “you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to sleep with Bill Gates”.  I know, but how about 5,000 million dollars?  No?  Ok, 10,000 million dollars?  No?  Ok, now I know you’re a damn lie. Bill Gates is worth something like $50 Billion.  Don’t tell me that doesn’t matter to you.


Plenty of you chicks will F a cat for backstage passes to the Timberlake concert.  Who do you think you’re fooling?  Be very clear ladies, he IS a 9 because money trumps everything on the board EXCEPT a dude who has EVERYTHING plus more money than you can fathom (ie. Hollywood A Listers).  Sure, you’d take Russell Crowe over Bill Gates.  But you wouldn’t take Erwin from Accounting over him.  Not a chance.  Sorry, I didn’t make the rules.  God did.

8. The Good Looking Cat with Juice, Loot and Swagger that comes from it


Do you see that smug look on his face?  Ha  That’s the “woman, get in this car” face. Yep, “Big” from Sex and the City is completely representative of this guy, but we’ve all seen him in real life.  He’s got that swagger, he’s got that loot and he’s got that lady.  Check that, he’s got them ladies and doesn’t mind treating them like shat because he knows he’s holding ALL the cards.  He’s comfortable with his position, because aside from high rollers with more loot and better looks, he’s WINNING. There are mini versions of this guy for sure. Bankers, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs and even Trust Fund Babies.  If you can’t recognize them as solid 8′s, then you just don’t know this game.

7.  Good Looking Regular Cat with potential for juice, ends mixed with a little bit of game


Lucky for us, this guy has already been personified by the show “The Bachelor.”  They only let cats like him on the show.  He’s also known as the “good guy” that all these broads claim to want.  Believe me, when they say “good guy,” they mean “Good Looking guy that I won’t starve with.”


Guys, if you truly got your sh*t together, meaning work out, stylist and rhetoric, would you be able to reasonably go on “The Bachelor?”  No?  Flavor of Love at least?  Ha  If the answer is no, then sorry, you ain’t no Seven homey…

6.  Solid Dude – Moderately Successful or Moderately Good looking and cool or Non fat, Non offensive, tall cat with no obvious imperfections or Very Juicy cat with next to nothing else who knows all the house drug dealers in the clubs


OK, in all honestly, Leslie is probably above the “solid cat” level.  But he’s crafted in the solid cat mold and is representative of him.  His look is definitely at the 6 and even that might be generous.

5.  Basic Cat – Non Offensive, doesn’t want no trouble, will run into some tail if it’s there.  Under appreciated by the money grubbing, juice seeking, non forward looking female.


Again, this is the woman’s scale, not mine.  The truth is, most babes didn’t want no parts of Barack before he started making his speeches and winning elections. Prior to that he got no play, even though he should have.  Kanye talked about it in Gold Digger:

“He gone make it into a Benz out of that Dotson, he got that envision baby, look in his eyes, this week he’s moppin’ floors, next week it’s the fries”

Which of course is a great reference to Coming to America.  Anyway, the Barack of old was a SOLID 5 and was getting ZERO run from the honeys.  Hell, even Michelle iced BO out for a clean 6 months before he got a first date.  Sad but true.  And there are 5 level, pre blow up Baracks out there now…but yall don’t want em.  I know.

4.  Slightly low, but not terribly offensive, doesn’t really get it, table scraps guy


3.  Even Still Lower table scraps guy without the upgrades of a 4


And yes that is just the same dude, only fat.  FULL step down.

2. The terrible cat who is not good looking, no loot, no charisma, BUT thinks he’s got juice


The lesson here is that women would rather be bored to death than embarrassed to death.  Nobody in this country would ride with this guy and believe me, he does exist.  ha

1.  The No loot, no juice, out of luck, out of time, out of gimmicks dude


It’s a cold harsh world and that’s why my man is at 1.  No loot is a no go.  And Seinfeld said it best, “You don’t see any handsome homeless.”

The author doesn’t rank game, or the charismatic arts high on his list, but let’s ignore the relative rankings of the attractive traits. He makes an imposing point. To play in the big leagues or to overcome big deficits or to have long term staying power in the dating game, a guy is going to need to develop juice.

Most of us are already trying to develop money. If making money were easy we’d all be in the top 5%.

Money and juice often go hand in hand. It’s said that the value of college is to make the social connections that will bring you wealth. And wealth can open the doors to the social connections.

To really maximize a guys attraction and effectiveness, he’s going to need a posse backing him. Connections. Friends in high and low places. He’s got to be able to get things done with a phone call, to magnetize around him a group of the talented, the powerful, the connected, the sporty, the rich, the funny.

I’m thinking of ways to mix business with creating a rat-pack team of guys who share business and lifestyle interests. The social aspect of game, and even just of manly comraderie for the sake of it, is something I’ve been neglecting, and I see now that it has great potential.

Prestige, access to pretty women, logistics, all of these can be had with business investments; for instance in night clubs, modeling agencies, tour guide services, resorts, and so on. But it can be even more powerful to mix a lifestyle aware business together with networking with other bros.

Long term game for men has infinitely more options than it does for women.

As long as you don’t think that game is only about your social charms.

12 Responses to “Money, looks, juice, charisma. Let’s talk about juice.”

  1. avd said

    Sorry, x, only game and confidence matter. They are the exclusive determinators of interactions with females. Any other aspects of human existence that nexus into those two elements nonetheless have no determinate outcomes on the results generated by those two elements. (You are fucking up my eBook-lead-generator and boot camp sales.) Low value women in clubs (of all infinite places) only go for game and framed projection thereof. I get blown in bathrooms that reek of piss… you? Try again.{/sarc}

    • xsplat said

      Any other aspects of human existence that nexus into those two elements nonetheless have no determinate outcomes on the results generated by those two elements.

      That sarcastic statement has a mathematical beauty to it. There is something about clear thinking that hit’s the spot.

  2. yousowould said

    Hear hear, nice to read some sense on this issue. Too many dudes, in the RSD vein, would have you believe that game > everything else in the world. Broke, ugly and a nobody? Doesn’t matter, you can still pick up 10s!

    Of course, the fact that their sales model is based on perpetuating this myth is not lost on me. Other people should know better however.

  3. Maven3 said

    I follow avd – the game/charisma matters more than money/looks.

    According to your scale I am around 6-7, yet I am able to pull 8s and occasionally 9s. It might cost me more work (approaches), but eventually you just need to land one baby.

    • Master Dogen said

      I see your point, but just to play Devil’s Advocate:

      “you just need to land one baby.”

      This kind of thinking almost guarantees you will not land that “one baby” for very long. Women want men with options. As soon as she intuits you can’t trade her in for another girl, she will start to drift and buck and shut down. Maybe you only *want* that one baby, and that’s cool. But you have to be able to *land* a lot, at least in theory, if you want to nab and retain a top flight girl.

  4. Mage said

    Solid analysis.

    This is perfectly spot on for attracting new women in your life.

    However I would argue that charisma is the only thing that will allow to keep you an upper hand over your woman as she grows accustomed to you, you bring her out to the finest society, your social circles become her social circles, and she starts feeling entitled to your money.

    To think that I am at least equal or maybe even a point or two higher than Barack was before presidency is really flattering my ego.

    I am interested how high a score the guy at pictures 3 and 4 could achieve if he has lost weight, hits gymmoderatly, and has learned MAD game, becomes a master virtuoso PUA while having no juice at all and living from an average paycheck to paycheck?

    • Maven3 said

      I will say normal non-deformed guy with average IQ can get to about 7-8. For guy to being a 10 he needs to have fame and money (actors, CEOs of known company).

      Nevertheless, guy 7-8 is fully capable of pulling 9s and maybe 10s. However, I consider few women to be 10s and they are mostly from TV – I have never meet any 10 in my life. And to be honest, 10s woman by default will be there for 5 years maximum (age 20-25)

      Just get your shit together (gym + solid carrier + game) and you are in top 10% of mens anyway. Especially STEM guys seem to have lots of untapped potential.

  5. Agreed on the rat pack bits.

    But then there is the reality that I’m just way to used to doing exactly what I want, when I want. Like just a week ago, selling all my stuffs and moving to an entirely new place. Having had an epiphany about how to find great places to live, became necessary to experiment. How many cool guys with game, money, time, and similar aspirations even exist? And how many of them would go “yea ok sure, why not”?

    Could be done, no doubt. And would make for some amazing friendships and leverage of a group of really interesting, existentially minded creatures.

    • Theophilus said

      – How many cool guys with game, money, time, and similar aspirations even exist? And how many of them would go “yea ok sure, why not”? –

      My guess is very few, if any. People like that would all be very independent-minded and would be very much opposed to following others, if only by principle. I imagine that herding rats is not unlike herding cats.

  6. Dom said

    lol, funny post.

    I definitely agree with the main 4: money, status/juice, looks, and charisma/game.

    Any single one of these can get you laid essentially as much as you want. But money is still king and will probably always be king.

  7. dan said

    Maven the problem is venue.

    SOlid career = surrounded by haranging dumb fukking sluts.

    Where would you suggest we visit to pull dem hotties?

  8. qwerty74 said

    The best breakdown of types of guys who get laid I have seen. Good shit.

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