RE: The power of magic mushrooms
Anybody know of anyone who’s brain got fucked from shrooms? I’ve tried them a few times but I’m worried about the effects of long term use.

A lot of people in meditation communities started meditating after doing hallucinogens.

I was into them in my late teens, along with meditation and philosophy. There were positive effects, and negative. I suspect it can increase creativity, even in the long term. Some negative effects were that I had some weird and unsubstantiated beliefs – as if I trusted some weird form of intuition. Years later I realized I didn’t possess any weird form of intuition. Also from what I’ve seen in others and have experienced, some people experience some mild cognitive impairment from LSD. When doing LSD the walls would breathe, and for some years afterwards objects continued to refuse to stay still.

OGNorCal707 Wrote: I know people who have had real bad trips from LSD and had been permanently effected by it…

Ya. I met a guy on Dead tour who was noticeably fucked up. Stumbling around, crashing into my jewelry vending table, giggling. A mad man, really. Someone had splashed a vial of LSD on him and since then he’d been in this new state for a few years. Heartbreaking.

I’ve heard of other guys who wound up living in a mental institution from a bad trip.

And I met a heavy tripper who was sane and functional, but was slightly to moderately impaired. And have met many people who claim mild cognitive impairment. And of course many others who noticed no impairment.

I took a pretty big dose once and had what most would call an extremely heavy trip, but what the doctors called a psychotic break. Earlier in the night, before the full effect had hit me, me and my buddy were watching TV when I turned to him and exclaimed “Wait – that’s a black and white TV!”. We stared at each other wide eyed, then looked back at the TV. “Oh yea!”. We were both watching it in color.

Shortly after that I started scribbling on a pad of paper, and saw my doodles in deep 3-D. I thought they were brilliant works of art and that in the morning I’d be famous. Then I started to get some messianic complex. Then it got weird.

The doctors would check in on me in my guerney from time to time and ask me how I was doing. I didn’t respond because I thought they were just another hallucination.

That was a wild night.

Saw two new colors that don’t exist the next day, while in the hospital. Some new type of red and a new type of blue. I speculated that they were in the infrared and ultraviolet? They were superimposed on objects, but out of alignment with them.

The family doctor gave me a note to skip out on my French exam. Good thing, as I had a case of the stupids that week.

I had the early part of the evening on tape, and when I replayed it I could hear the alternate personality that was spontaneously generated come out, and feel him. Strange.

The family doctor counseled me that I had a strong mind, and he’d seen it go the other way with some guys, from a similar dose. Some guys get the psychotic break, and don’t return. That’s what happened to an original band member of Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green.

king Wrote: When i have taken mushrooms or peyote, i always have felt like there is some deep revelation about the world, as if i have found the right way to live, and these are often thoughts like being a more kind person, more compassionate, etcetera, basically a bunch of hippie stuff. I have also felt once how we are related to every living thing in some way, obviously this is a kind of trivial thought, but the difference is that when you are tripping you also “feel” it and the visualizations can be pretty amazing too.

Unfortunately, this train of thought does not last long and as soon i enter the “real world” i see that there are mean,mediocre people and i can’t maintain that mindset for any more than 1 week, is like if during the trip my brain was tricked with thoughts that may not be correct, but while i was tripping i was very sure that this was the right way to act and live. Does anybody have a similar experience?

Ya, some people use spiritual practices to try to stay in that lovey dovey space where you share an over-soul with all beings. Over time they can have an effect, and you can have some pretty trippy experiences even without the drugs.

Some of those meditations, I believe, also have charismatic value.

But those feelings tend to fade in and out also. Probably neurochemical, along with how our brain tends to make sense out of data to create a “reality” out of it. But as far as illusions go, it seems a good one to choose. Effective towards being happy and making others happy, and towards seduction.

Did anyone else ever feel some sort of dissociation from their ego, perhaps a rudimentary witness consciousness experience, and try to explain to others that “it’s not me that’s talking”?

It’s the strangest experience to watch the words come out of your mouth, know that others won’t be able to understand what you mean, but still feel compelled to try to explain the unique experience, and to really feel strongly that it is not you who is talking.