soup said: If prostitution were legal..
and whores could only charge a maximum of $35, would you give up on the game and drop money p4p instead of using your time and resources to learn “The Venusian Arts” ?

I get many thrills out of dealing with women, a minor component of which are friction related. Even if the girl is just a fuck buddy, she will usually bring me into a flow-moment where I’m captivated by paying attention to her, and I’m just present and enjoying. A heightened sense of being embodied and having fun and communicating.

I’ve paid for sex a few times at low rates with cute girls. Maybe they just sucked at their job, but they didn’t really do it for me. A hooker who gave it away for free a few times was a lot fun – I had sore stomach muscles for days from the belly slappin marathons.

But my answer is no. I earn enough money and live in places where I could easily afford a new hot girl every night, but I don’t. It’s not about disease to me. It’s not about money. It’s not about being a better man. It’s not about the thrill of the chase – I couldn’t give a half of a damn about the chase.

I just want to have a MUTUAL appreciation going on. Two people really into each other. For me, that’s the foundation of the fun. There is no fucking way in hell I’m going to compromise on that.

If paying for sex didn’t lessen the chances of the girl being attracted to me and turned on by me, then in theory I’d be striving for a retirement filled with private hookers. But I honestly don’t think it can work that way. Paying her directly for a service fucks up the whole dynamic, and greatly lessens the chances of mutual appreciation, let alone emotional bonding. And I like bonding – I really get off on it. It’s a deep and fulfilling and even a thrilling pleasure to me, that greatly adds to quality of life. Even if I have two or three or more girls I’m dating, I still bond with them.

But even for one night stands, no, I don’t fuck hookers, even when they are cheap and accessible. To do so would fuck up my sex karma. Sexual habits are real, and mine are carefully cultivated and an important tool of seduction. I have emotional sex, and that is seductive. It’s part of my mojo to be able to embody a sex that appreciates mutual appreciation – that is really into passion. It’s easy to deaden that, and to learn to feel alienated and separate and incapable of letting go into an ecstatic union with the girl and to become forever cold inside no matter how much friction you frantically create trying to rub up a little warmth.

When I’m walking about town with my girl, any of my girls from over the years, and I compare us as a couple with any other couple, the difference is always striking. Passionate couples are as rare as topless teenagers on a public beach. Most people are walking zombies. People who are really into each other, and exude it, are winning at the game of life.

It’s possible to create your self through your actions, and it’s possible to create your self to be incapable of winning at life.