Phinn said: There’s something about the religious mindset that fosters your (Matt King A’s) kind of hypocrisy. I think it comes from the incredible amount of double-think that is required to maintain religious thinking. Religious thinking depends entirely on splitting and projection — a constant monitoring of one’s self, a complete inability to cope with most of one’s emotions, and the relentless rejection of most of your own mind as “bad” and intolerable.

Rather than accept and cope with it, the religious mindset requires that this part of the self be denied and compartmentalized through all sorts of endless magical labels and other defense mechanisms.

Doing this every day for 20 or 30 years makes a person highly adept at self-ignorance and self-contradiction.

Pointing this out usually provokes a highly religious person into a rage outburst, because the rage is just another defense mechanism, designed to help keep the lid on all that repression. Taking that away from a religious person is like taking away someone’s oxygen.

Magic doesn’t exist, Matt, except as a figment of the imagination. Reality may be messy sometimes, but you really don’t have to be afraid of it.

Fundamentalists freak me out. Not only because they are so eager to invest authority with scary powers, or even because they tend to have an excessive need for “purity”, but because they have shadow and projection issues. They have not made friends with their inner demons, and so when confronted with them project them out onto the outside world. “my last girlfriend was cheating on a dude in the suburbs and her three kids to sneak up and fuck me ten times a week and YOU guys shouldn’t have sex outside of committed marriage! YOU guys are nihilists! And narcissistic parasites!”

The internal empathy and compassion is so lacking that the hatred gets misdirected onto everyone else. Instead of just making friends with the human condition and not holding unreasonable standards, they have to compartmentalize good and evil, and then project out the evil onto others. “Do not forgive them Father, for it was not I that sinned, it was them!”

Fundamentalists view more porn than other groups. The hypocrasy is scary. I mean really scary. These people will scape goat anything that reminds them of their own inner natures.

Then all the while they are shitting and pissing on the world, think that they are holier than thou, and are actually being benevolent and helpful.

A bunch of downers.

Snoeperd said: To me all people who try to get other people to conform to some preconceived standards are the same people: people that can’t come to terms with the fact that their own individual lives aren’t that important and try to gain power by threatening others with unhappiness so that they act, not in accord with own interests but with the interests of the “condemner”.