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Meditative charisma and paternal love

Posted by xsplat on December 29, 2012

I believe that there is an associated charisma that can come from meditative practices. Some practices can also lead to a dramatically transformed sexual experience. If you hang with any meditation community you’ll hear tales of some random dude meeting some random teacher in an airplane, and being deeply impressed and changing his whole life on the spot. We talk a lot about emotionally aloof game, asshole game, and bad-boy game, but there is another type of charisma that depends on the opposite – that depends on a paternal love and an openness to experience that can instantly captivate people.

Awesome-Daddy game is more difficult to cultivate, and is more captivating.

5 Responses to “Meditative charisma and paternal love”

  1. t said

    This isn’t talked about much. So your feelings for her would be similar as for a daughter? Like wanting to protect her, not letting her disrespect you…

  2. xsplat said


    We are hard wired with circuits to experience strong paternal love and bonding towards our children. I believe that it’s those same circuits that are tapped into when we pair bond, and the woman becomes our kin through marriage or mating.

    Women are neotenous, and I’m sure this is also meant to invoke our feelings of paternal nurturing.

    So it makes sense to deliberately tap into these circuits and knowingly have a paternal attitude towards the girl. This will engender feelings of closeness and affection out of the man, and it also engenders feelings out of the woman. Pair bonding feelings.

    There are many benefits from bringing these feelings about and sustaining them.

  3. avd said

    Humbly, in my experience, women are children, and they want to be treated as such. Treating them as if they possess male logic processing capacity, or treating them as if they are “adults” (males), pushes them completely out of their comfort zone… and THIS is when their bad behavior begins to emerge. Treat them (lovingly) as the children they are, and they remain infinitely content. Hold them to male standards and they quickly descend into brat behavior. It’s really quite simple… until YOU as a man, make it complicated… then it turns to hell. The primer for this is to be a man in charge of his life… thereafter, the whole sexual component of your life falls into place effortlessly (with a bit of biological knowledge.) Human life is a strange evolutionary crucible, but one that we (especially men) must go through. It’s quite enjoyable once the basics are grasped.

  4. Wudang said

    “Hold them to male standards and they quickly descend into brat behavior.”

    Like teenagers given to much freedom and power.

    I`d love to read further elaborations of the meditative mind and seduction.

  5. taterearl said

    Daddy game is probably what happens after you mature out of asshole game.

    That’s not to say asshole game isn’t important in some aspect…recovering betas need to get out of mommy love phase somehow.

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