Goldmund said: This is a story that needs to be shared.

I was out last night…late, and was pretty drunk off of absinthe cocktails. There weren’t many people at the usual places so my roommate and I took a cab back to a bar that is only two blocks from my apartment. We go in and I survey the scene and decide it’s not worth it because the only options are two unattractive girls. And plus there are a bunch of dudes. My roommate chooses to stay and she goes to the bar and I step back outside.

Here is where it gets very interesting.

I see a lone blonde girl walking up the block. I can tell she is drunk and our eyes meet. I yell to her “Hey come here!” She comes over smiling and says ‘what?’.

My response was “I want to try and figure out why you are so attractive” and stare her right in the eyes.

She smiles even bigger and steps closer. Then I just grab her by the coat and we start making out like crazy in the street. I took her by the hand and led her the two blocks back to my place where we fucked like crazy. Fingers in her ass, choked her by forcing my cock down her throat, busted in her face…and then a morning session.

Total time from saying that first “hey” to having my dick in her was under 10 minutes.

She left this morning saying ‘wow, I cant believe that happened’ and left her number and told me to come by her restaurant for free drinks.

The two nights prior I had been going out saying the same thing “I want to know why I am so attracted to you” and got a make out both nights. One girl I had met on the subway and had my tongue in her within 5 minutes.

I think it’s working so well because these are attractive women and I genuinely mean what I am saying to them. The only problem is that I don’t know if I can pull it off when I am sober.

This is why a forum like this (the rooshvforum) is so valuable. On blogs the OP tends to overwhelm the discussion with his particular flavor of game.

Doesn’t seem like you are using bad-boy-emotionally-aloof-asshole game. You are using your emotional openness as THE tool to create instant attraction, and mixing it with confidence and dominance for the full gestalt of mature masculinity.

I wonder if people who are naturally emotionally open and affectionate are prone to coming across as teenagerish try-hards when they feign a James Dean approach. A Don Juan approach can fit with more congruence, and therefore be more effective.

Different personalities do better with different approaches, and I love hearing tales of a highly effective strategies that have nothing at all anywhere near to do with being aloof.


1) Not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant.
2) Conspicuously uninvolved and uninterested, typically through distaste.

remote – distant

XXL said: It’s “working” well because these are attractive women and you screen them from the start and you genuinely mean what you’re saying to them. You’re not selling yourself, you’re the judge/buyer in the interaction. That’s what happens when you set the right frame from the start. It’s “who the fuck are YOU” frame like examining/curious/screening frame.

You can definitely pull it off sober. It works even better. It really does. Ballsy/edgy approach is cool itself and the fact that you’re sober doing that only highlights your coolness. Besides, keep in mind that you’re THE SHIT for stepping up to hotties like that, no guy does that, you’re the 1%.

It’s similar to, for example, when you step up to a hot chick with “hey!.. what’s up..” [relaxed and deep eye contact with playful smile] then you stay quiet for few seconds just looking at her in relaxed yet intense way, she’s like wtf?, but you stay with the tension, cool calm and collected, just standing there, looking at her with slight smile, she’s like “oh shit the boss is here” [it’s in her eyes] and then you put arm around her saying “who are you? / how do you do it? / what are you doing to me?” and then you just talk like nothing happened. Same thing, the fact that you’re there with your balls on the line in front of her doing almost nothing to make her like you it seriously highlights your confidence.

This is the opposite to entertaining approach [like openers or stories or fancy questions]. If done right, with proper subcommunications, with strong eye contact and presence, it hooks like fucking crazy. That’s the key, it doesn’t really works when you feel off.

As for the average looking guys, it’s funny how opposite it is for them to what they think. They absolutely NEED more decisive/ballsy game cause that’s the only way for them to really hook girls’ attention. There’s no other way actually. In their case trying that suave/blase pretty boy shit is not likely to get them far. Get it? The less that initial signals the girls give you the more balls you need to make it. It’s good news. After all, girls don’t care about your fucking jawline. They want balls. Your balls.