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“a woman whom Gloria Steinem once blurbed and Ms. Magazine supported — a self-described hardcore feminist: “I was one of the demanding ones, combating injustice and inequality on the front lines.

They were beliefs she was raised on. Her father, Nelson Valdes, is a Marxist professor who emigrated from Cuba. And her mother, a light-haired and blue-eyed beauty queen, “looked like Jayne Mansfield but favored Jane Fonda in politics.”

“He calls her “darlin’ ” and holds the door for her, which secretly “turned me on.”

“And though he’s so wrong, the woman who describes herself as “mean, combative and angry” is suddenly reduced to a giggling, teenage girl in the presence of such rugged manliness.”

“The cowboy begins to train his new girlfriend — once such a spitfire — like he would a dog or a horse, he tells her.

“Atta girl,” he clicks at her when she does something right. When she makes a mistake — say by getting drunk and picking a fight with him — he freezes her out, teaching her a lesson”.

Training a girl is high level skill, but when you’ve put in the time and effort to cultivate that skill, it can be applied in even the most extreme situations.

I know many people don’t have the personal life experiences to support such a view, but there are examples such as this all around us. Even wild horses can be broken.

My girl was singing love songs to me again last night, and was brought to tears with emotion. Do you know what she talked about as the reason for her emotion? How I changed her. How I broke her, basically. How I forced her to learn to cook, how I forced her to wear feminine dresses instead of her tom-boy clothes. That I took control of her. She mimicked my stern authoritative tone; “Woman! Take your English lessons!” and was overcome with gratitude.

Getting a girl into bed is all well and good, but this defeatist attitude about just how workable these ferile creatures are is… unbecoming to men who purport to enjoy a challenge.

Women respond to dominance. Really. They really, really, really really do. It’s a very subtle skill to be able to turn a girl from a career oriented tomboy into a devoted love slave. But we have our role models and methods already and the task can be broken down into manageable parts and effective solutions found and implemented. Women are very malleable, but it takes the willpower of a skilled man to mold them.

I could give example after example of women responding very positively to extreme forms of dominance. The thread on striking a woman made several months back was pretty fucking extreme. I know it’s difficult to believe. I know most men don’t even want that kind of responsibility – to be the man in charge. They want a life partner who is a peer. None the less, it’s a fact. There are ways to break wild horses.

A simple domestic example. Last night my girl gave a very mild shit test – the first in a long while. She gabbed on about “what if I were to go out alone at night – you’d be lonely, wouldn’t you?”. I grabbed her and threw her over the couch and started spanking her ass. “This is what would happen!”

Women want to be owned, and controlled. To do so in a way that they consider playful and fun and that leads to submission and then to total giving over of their mind and body and soul is a very worthwhile art. Almost a sorcerers art.

Actually, it’s not always playful and fun. It requires a high tolerance for drama to be able to out drama the dramatress to dominate a woman, at times. But overall it’s playful and fun.