ImmoralPsychology Wrote: I had a period of incel (involuntary celibacy) in my life that was very difficult. It’s angering that everything that is told to you by the people you trust (yes, that includes media) is just so wrong.

And then one day it occurred to me — I’m a fucking hypocrite and so is pretty much everyone else who goes through this.

I have in the past lamented, “why are the hottest chicks such bitches and care only about how good a guy looks, how much money he makes, etc…??? Shallow cunts. Fucking shallow cunts. If they just got to know me, they’d be in love with me. I’m really quite an interesting and funny guy. Girls who do know me well very often fall for me but they’re not very hot. Some are fat, some ugly, some OK, some a little cute but none of them are beautiful. All I want is a beautiful girl to not be such a shallow cunt.”

And then I got it. I’m no better than the hot bitches who passed me over for Mr. Hot Stud, or Mr. Jerk, or whoever.

Once you realize this – and that for as much a “nice guy” you consider yourself to be, you’re really not as nice as you thought – you start to be more objective about it and fully understand why it’s important to work out, look better, dress better, etc. You might not be born with the best genes or be the tallest guy or have a big bank account, but there are plenty of things you can do to bring yourself up from the 30th percentile to the 70th or 80th percentile of women’s choices.

I agree with your point that men need to take responsibility for becoming more attractive, but only now with the luxury of some hindsight. Is it really possible for guys stuck within the matrix to even know what women find attractive?

Although I had my first girlfriend at age three and had a romantic girlfriend nearly every year since then, I’ve also had long and painful dry spells. And it wasn’t for lack of effort – I worked out, remained social, put myself out there and tried to play the game as I understood it. And how was I to understand any better?

I think the message of the incel post is that society (meaning women) conspires to keep men in the dark about what game it is that we are trying to play; about what is attractive to women.

And it’s getting even more dark lately – women conspire to create the beta class of men, and are getting openly snide towards them. It’s not just that they are hypergamous, they openly sneer at a class of undesireables that they willfully create. It’s as if their group sexual strategy relied on betas to be hungry for pussy, in order to garner attention and favors and provisioning. Which it does. Biology and evolution and the resulting socio-biology are all sick motherfucking cock suckers.

During the horrible, horrible times lean of sex or female attention, how was I to learn? There is no feedback for betas that can positively re-enforce attractive behavior. The positive enforcement comes when you change your circumstances such that you are deemed more attractive, and only then can you naturally begin to take on new traits. Or nowadays we can learn a bit from our peers to kickstart the process.

One of my many entrepreneurial ventures hit it big while I was still in the west, and that was my first introduction to success. Suddenly I was dating three girls at once. That taught me a mindset of assuming attraction, and was an introduction to a new approach. I know some people downplay money, but for me at that time having it made a night and day difference to my dating life – and everything in my experience and all my analytical ability says that it was absolutely NOT all down to confidence. The money was my local fame, my peackocking, my way of standing out. It opened doors faster than anything I’d ever experienced. Throwing around a few hundred bucks on a date because it made no difference to me (the days income was in excess of 1000) that kind of thing made girls tell me what “a great personality” I’d suddenly acquired.

Women willfully create the beta class of men, and willfully keep them in the dark about there even being another class, and work hard to deny class mobility. By willful I don’t mean consciously – I mean willfully; they make a co-ordinated concerted effort to do so, and strongly oppose any countermeasures.