Free Thai Girl

White guys get a free coupon at the airport for a girl like this

Anon-A-Moose Wrote: Xsplat probably hasn’t dealt with the “new” generation of women in their 20s in urban areas like DC. These women are devoid of the concept of honor, of loyalty, of family, or of the meaning of love. All they know is iphones, “feelings” which is actually hamsterism, and vain status-whoring. They’re “women” only in the physical sense, otherwise they’re basically consumerist herd-animals. Tragic, but we have to adapt or die.

I think that might compare to the player girls out East. There are girls who date for fun and profit, and are hard core about it. SEA is pretty famous for it, actually. For some men that’s their first eye opener to the nature of women.

There are so many misconceptions about what it is that actually goes on out here. Not only do you get your girls with traditional values of looking for a virtuous marriage, but you also find professional girlfriends with a few hundred numbers on their phones and complete familiarity with internet access to suitors.

You can play a player. A man can turn the tables on a parallel-dating girl, and get her to fall. That’s a fun reward, when the girl who thought she was playing you eventually looks up to you in wonderment and says “Daddy, why I love you Daddy? You no rich, you no handsome. Why I love you?”

” All they know is iphones, “feelings” which is actually hamsterism, and vain status-whoring. They’re “women” only in the physical sense, otherwise they’re basically consumerist herd-animals. ”

Come to SEA and check things out. But before you do, count the percent of women who are habitually toying with their Blackberries before you go. Then on arrival make a new survey and compare the numbers. And if spending 3 months salary to get a phone as good as your friends is a sign of consumerism, then all signs point to SEA being a world leader for herd animal consumerism.

And if you want to talk about cock hopping, the SEA girls are more than willing to compete for another world record. Ever fuck a girl while she’s chatting on the phone with her fiance?

The world is a small place. It’s not nearly as different as people think.

Some people have a black and white view of what changes out here, and so lose track of what stays the same. If going to SEA boosts your value, how much of a value boost do you get? Infinite? Would you be able to expect to thereby break into the social circles of the rich and famous through your white skin? It doesn’t work that way, and can work against you. While some Thai high-sos would consider a Westerner for novelty sex, not many would invite him home to meet the mom and pop. In Thailand it’s only the low status girls who gain status by dating a Westerner.

You get stilts. Standing on stilts you can reach more apples. But the stilts don’t allow you to reach the top of the tree – they are only 5 foot stilts. If you are young and of average or better looks to begin with, you’ll reach a hell of a lot of apples. But if you are old and noticeably below average in physical attraction, it’s not the free for all that the handsome guys experience. It’s a completely different world.

Attractive guys imagine that everyone is awarded 10 leveling points at the airport that enables them to slay all women. Hand those 10 leveling points to an ugly broke 75 year old and who is he going to slay at the Bali nightclub full of Australian surfer dudes? You get a relative boost, not an absolute one. And no matter how handome you are, the effect is limited – it’s not a full access pussy pass to women of all hotness and social statures. There are going to be women you have to work for, and there are going to be women you can’t get.

Even in SEA your actions affect your outcome. Why anyone would think otherwise is a mystery to me, but I tend to think it has to do with having some sort of agenda. There is no place on the planet where you can’t learn to hone your actions to better deal with the cross-cultural hind-brain oriented beast that is woman. And 90% of what is woman is cross cultural.

And it’s both true that women move on quickly and are shallow in emotional affect, and that they fall deeply and can pine for a man for ages. That’s true in any county. The alpha widow experience is rare in all countries, but is another cross-cultural constant. You don’t automatically provoke that by having white skin in a poorer country, anymore than a rich banker-in-a-beemer is going to automatically provoke that in a trailer trash girl. That kind of deep conversion requires a honed ability to get deeply under a girls skin – and that is something that talented men can learn. That happens through his actions.

I know I’m going to get hate for this, but I’m just going to be blunt. Again. If you aren’t getting deeply under the skin of the woman, the major factor of that is you and your actions. If you haven’t done that yet, then going to SEA isn’t going to have you automatically doing it here. As attested to by the many guys here who don’t perform deep conversions with the SEA talent. Even the young and handsome trust fundie guys don’t get free access to deep conversion. Here or anywhere. The process is subtle, and requires innate talent, learning, or both. And it’s something you can get better at, no matter where you live. Because the process involves dealing with women at a very instinctual level – a level that is pre-cultural.

The world is a small place. The more of it you see, the smaller it gets.

It’s not just in SEA where a man can invoke romance out of a girl. Nor is it just in the West. If a guy has never performed a deep conversion, his life experiences will lead him to believe that such a thing is fiction and that girls aren’t romantic in any deep way. I’m not going to be able to go against a man’s life experiences enough to convince him of a whole new way of relating with women. But maybe your peers can. There are many men in our manosphere community who routinely perform deep conversions. In your own time and places. If you can’t fit the data that they provide into your world view, then examine your world view.