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Why women need a rationalization hampster

Posted by xsplat on November 30, 2012

Girl Writes What has a remarkable talent for organizing thought, and combines it with a creative ability to make fresh and insightful connections. An articulate relational database that seems to have no end of creative associations.

She’s an outlier, not just among women, but among people. I’ve found her explanations are great aids in visualizing why we behave as we do. I like her spider analogy here, to explain our implicit and explicit beliefs.

Rollo takes the theory further, and claims that women need the hampster because of their dual mating strategies. He says that women who are cognizant that they want to fuck the bad boys while trying to dupe the chump into being her lifetime monogamous provider will not be good enough actresses, so they must fool themselves. As if their life depended on it. I suppose it often did.

3 Responses to “Why women need a rationalization hampster”

  1. krautz said

    I really don’t understand why she’s working at food service jobs, she’s a pretty smart person. If I’m wrong, that’s good!

  2. greenlander said

    I am such a shallow idiot.

    I can’t imagine that a chick with such an awful, masculine, dyke haircut could ever have anything intelligent to say.

    I will have to trust you guys that “Girl Writes What” isn’t just another raging feminist cunt with an awful haircut.

    • xsplat said

      Yes, it’s a cruel joke the universe plays. The interesting women are rarely attractive.

      But if you think about it makes sense. It takes a masculinized brain, seeped in testosterone in the womb, to be able to think clearly. That doesn’t make for the neotenous features men find sexually appealing.

      I’ve known a few women who are as mentally capable as GirlWritesWhat. I’ve been proud to have them as my mentors.

      But I’ve never wanted to fuck them.

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