I hear people talk that men should band together co-operatively and overthrow the femtocracy. Although it makes perfect sense and is the intuitive response, I’m not sure that this is either realistic or constructive.

Let’s look at what it is that makes men men. Is it our co-operative nature? Yes, that can be part of it – we work well within organizations, especially hierarchical organizations devoted to a purpose. But one way that we do that is through individual will to personal power. The invisible hand of selfish desire motivates each of us to rise within the organization to our maximum position of power, balanced with our needs for our favorite level of responsibility and free time. The top dogs in our organizations often have an abundance of want for power and responsibility.

So it isn’t our co-operative nature that gives power to men, after all. It is our individual drives. Some of us express that drive as rogue entrepreneurs, who follow no ones rules and the only team we are beholden to are the teams that we create – teams of employees working for us. Some of us are tradesmen – a unit of labor with no one above or below us. And some of us attach our will to organizations, specializing in a small niche of a greater whole, and by symbiosis becoming greater through association.

But it isn’t co-operation that is the core of how men succeed. It is the will to power. To individual power. We use systems not because systems are in and of themselves good. Is IBM good? Is General Foods Good? Is Nasa good? We use systems because being an engineer at Nasa is a high prestige job with good pay that we find fun and challenging and that supports our lifestyle. In the best cases we’ll also be invested in the outcome of what our group does. It’s a feeling of achievement to watch a high tech Tonka truck play around in the sand box of mars, even if we are only an IT guy in the financial department. But that’s not why we took the job.

And so it is with men re-capturing their rightful masculinity socially. It’s not a social affair. You don’t need to send editorial replies to Ms. Magazine. You don’t need see see your masculinity reflected in the popular main stream. You don’t need feminists or females to understand you. You don’t even ultimately need male friendly divorce and child support laws. All you need is the invisible hand. Your own personal will to power. Capitalism works through motivation to the individual, and from there we see group social movements. It’s not top down, it’s bottom up. The masculine imperative is a lonely, personal, individual journey. An individual will to power and freedom and control over ones world.

Each individual adapting in his best way possible is the men’s movement. We don’t have to overthrow anyone or anything.

For instance my personal solution is to create my own income. From that springs individuation from social pressures – there is no HR office watching over my facebook profiles and blogging activities. I don’t marry. I have a passport. I keep my identity and finances as anonymous as possible. My assets and income are portable and protected. I’ve isolated myself from the negative effects of the system I was born into, and yet I can still interact with it to whatever depth and degree that I want. I’m not swimming in the influence of others, I’ve created a bubble of my own intent, and live life as I want to.

If more men, in their own way, manage something similar, then who cares what feministing publishes? Who cares what are the divorce laws if you aren’t even going to marry in the first place? Who cares what child-supplimony laws are if you are snipped, or if you have a passport and a portable income? The system doesn’t even need to be fought. It just needs to be avoided. And for the talented, it can also be subverted and exploited.

There’s your masculine imperative.

And if you are a family man – you still have to adapt. You aren’t going to get a social movement going that provides you with all the right conditions in which to plant your seed. Take responsibility and invent your own conditions. Invent your own personal homestead, or plant seeds widely. A social movement is not going to work, so why bother investing mental energy into creating one? Invest your time and attention towards what you can influence. Your environment, through personal power; and your women, through mesmerism and voodoo and sex and wily charismatic charms.

Identify and break down the problems into manageable parts and come up with solutions that work for you personally. Having children tough what with hoes running off with the pool boy after he wins the lottery? Learn how to create and maintain intense, reverential passion. You want the tax breaks that come with marriage but don’t want to be married? Earn more money. Or find other solutions to the tax man. Any problem has a solution – and it is often the case – no, it is USUALLY the case, that the act of looking for a solution is the creation of a new opportunity.

Now I’ve mentioned before that I believe that there is an instinct among some men to control the groups sexuality, enforcing a socialist distribution of the resource of pussy. That’s a hard coded instinct in a lot of men. If that’s you, then this will be hard news to hear. Forget it. Those instincts are now maladaptive. They don’t work. Do this work by yourself.