This is guest post stolen from a rooshvforum comment by teh_skeeze:

My first threesome was an interesting experience to say the least. I was homeless and living in a tent in the woods. I had just gotten with my now ex g/f and she was living w/ me. One night while wandering around the streets getting ready to call it a night we run into this other girl that she knew from her group home (I really know how to pick ’em). Turned out the other girl could get X and my ex wanted her to come along and hang out.

I was wary because when you are homeless your spot is worth double it’s weight in gold and I didn’t want to risk it. After some self deliberation, I decided that it would be alright because she was hooking me up, and I had a gut feeling that there wouldn’t be just X.

Sure enough, about 45 minutes after they get back and we take the pills they start making out. I say “Know what would make this party better? Fewer clothes Big Grin”

Shit worked like a charm and now I had 2 naked 17 year olds in my tent fingering each other. I watched them fuck for about 45 minutes and it was all good. That’s when things got a little fucked up. The other girl was obviously into me, and my ex was pretty much ignoring me. So the other girl starts jerking me off. My ex smacks her hand off my dick and says “not cool”. Whatever, I know that things will heat up and I will get mine. They go outside for a piss break and when they come back I say that it would be awesome if they both went down on me.

My ex flipped the fuck out at that request saying “what the hell is the matter with you?”

I snapped. I started punching myself in the head (I tend to do that type of shit on X) and said “what’s the matter w/ me? what the fuck is the matter with you? I’ve been sitting here for a good hour and a half watching you two fuck on top of me, and now it’s a problem that I want to get involved? FUCK YOU!!!”

Things obviously got awkward after that and our guest felt bad. I told her it’s not her fault, it’s my cunt girlfriend’s because she’s being a selfish cunt. So at that point I ask the third party if she wants to fuck. She looks over at my g/f and I tell her that her opinion doesn’t matter. If you want it you are getting it. She said yes and I start fucking her. It made my ex uncomfortable, but there wasn’t a goddamn thing she could do about it. So she joined in. Over the next couple of hours I was swapping pussy when my dick was hard (X can make you go limp at times).

As the sun rose it was time for our guest to leave. She said it was nice meeting me and went on her way. My ex sucked me off.

A few weeks later my ex goes for a checkup at planned parenthood. She says to me that I gave her Chlamydia. Fuck you bitch, it was obviously the third party. A few days later, my eye swelled shut.

Recalling this story, I should have never stayed with that cunt for three years.