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A modern arrangement for a modern businessman

Posted by xsplat on November 18, 2012

Women are happy to press their boyfriends into the service of sponsoring her, without giving any real commitment. Boyfriends have been known to pay off college debt, only to later be dumped for the next flavor. I’d like to recommend the reverse dynamic, where the man has all the hand. In order to maximize hand the girl should work for you. No other employers.

Some might think that owning a women is too expensive. But the cost of a girl is not very high, if you live together. A little bit of food, and occasional clothes. Perhaps even a small monthly allowance. The woman will cook and clean and perform all the traditional wifely duties, but in this case there will be no marriage. It lasts as long as it lasts. She’ll push for marriage, and might eventually split over the issue, but in the mean time she is completely dependent on you, emotionally, sexually, and physically. When you are forced by her bad behavior to pull a relationship brinksmanship move, it carries more weight if she knows she’d have to upend her whole life and move out and that you could move a new girl in.

The Moslems have an ancient practice of the rental wife. It’s still in use today, and seems to be getting more popular. The marriage contract is for a set period of time at a set price. Now I know that many guys prefer that the woman contribute to the household income, but if you are thinking in terms of equity, this fits in. The woman is contributing her labor directly to you, rather than through an employer middleman. It’ more personal. And we can feel that personal touch personally. Who doesn’t prefer to eat a meal prepared for them with love? It feels more nourishing.

The workplace is where the girl is likely to meet her next beau anyway. And what are bosses if not a type of father figure? The man should occupy all of that role.

There was a lot of sense to the old fashioned ways of the house-wife. Why not keep the parts of that that still work for us? A live in servant girl can even be persuaded to wear a uniform. I often choose the mini-skirted French maid outfit for my girls. A negligee can also work. Lately I’ve compromised with allowing sexy and feminine dresses.

To pull this off the man will need to become more than proficient at LTR game – he’ll have to master it into an art form. This is a fun hobby.

Having a live in personal attendant helps the man be more efficient with his time, and this can help him focus more effort on building up his business interests. No more cooking or cleaning or washing up. And if you enjoy feminine companionship the quality of life improvement is dramatic. Either you’ll stay together long term, or not. Either way it’s a win win situation. You are only taking a year or two of the best years of the young womans life. She wouldn’t have done anything better with them anyway. They can be the best years of her life, that she’ll often wistfully remember.

Having all the financial power in the house increases the mans power in all aspects of his relationship. The cost of a woman is minor, to the man who aims for a successful business. The benefits can far outweigh the expense.

Then there is the issue of domestic partnership laws. If you live together for awhile you are automatically considered legally married. As far as I know that only holds true if the two of you also present yourself to the public as married. And if you can’t thereby avoid being considered married in your jurisdiction, it would be a good reason to move. A quick visit to your lawyer should get everything sorted out, and possibly set you up with some papers to store in your safe deposit box, along with your passport and gold bullion.

Men are born with predispositions. I think it’s fantastically bad advice to suggest to all men to take on dark-triad personality traits. Many of us are at our happiest in monogamish relationships. Why not have one by the mans rules? Invent the new masculine imperative format.

And as the business grows, there is no reason to not invest in new apartments.

Marriage is for men who have failed at business.

11 Responses to “A modern arrangement for a modern businessman”

  1. Tilted said

    I like the way you think, xsplat (“love slaves,” live-in servants, LTR with real patriarchy, etc.).

    Once you digest the red pill, if you can be truly honest with yourself as a man, make a list of what you really want from a woman (not what you’re supposed to want). What you’ll soon realize is the concepts discussed on this blog come down to using business and game, to acquire the exact same benefits men used to automatically gain from marriage. It’s virtually the same arrangement, only circumventing the asinine “family” “court” climate.

    Thousands of successful men throughout history have enjoyed “personal assistants” with similar conditions. I don’t think finding women to fit this role would be difficult at all, especially if you already have game. There are a lot of legal and tax ramifications, but this is doable right here in the states.

    All of this appeals to me more than PUA or MGTOW. Right now, I’m a full advocate of multiple LTR, but I see this as being more advantageous. 1) It requires less effort than juggling multiple girlfriends, 2) the assistant isn’t your girlfriend, she’s your employee, so you can set whatever frame you like for dealing with other women, 3) most of the money you spend on her will be legally considered a business expense, 4) the relationship strikes me as more gratifying on a personal level (it just sounds like a fun hobby from a game perspective), 5) the woman’s domestic labor frees up more time for me to dedicate to my business, which brings me to 6) I’m positive this would appeal to a lot of women more than their current jobs. They love to serve driven men, and support us in achieving our goals. Actually, replace “love” with “live” in that last sentence.

    I can’t afford to do this now, but I’ve been building my business with this specific goal in mind. Right now, I have women do my voicemails and assist me with sales, but this can evolve into something else entirely, in its own world. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Taken in Hand website, but I can definitely see mixing in the dom/sub dynamic with the boss/assistant roles. I didn’t even think of the uniform idea, but that’s sexy as fuck.

  2. Phedre said

    I think a great many women would be very satisfied with that kind of arrangement. To go about her day thus is like a devotional service. It’s like being in a constant state of spiritual arousal.

    And you’re right, it needn’t cost much. Women shop as a hobby because there is nothing to satisfy them in the male-patterned, career-oriented lifestyle. When she lives feeling useful and beautiful for her man her deepest needs are being met, and so only the smallest occasional token from him is enough to satisfy.

    I am not sure how you would bring about this sort of arrangement in the West though, unless you find yourself a recent immigrant. The feminine imperative corrupts very quickly. You see this with Eastern European girls here. They are feminine and submissive at first but if they don’t find the right man to serve they become first-class bitches in a year.

  3. Theophilus said

    This is precisely the setup I’ll institute when I land in SEA. I’ll start with one, then possibly expand…

  4. Jacob Ian Stalk said

    “Marriage is for men who have failed at business.”

    Excellent post, but why spoil it with this ridiculous assertion at the end?

    Business is for men who have failed at relationships. Not marriage, mind, but relationships (with anyone).

    In any case, Marriage 1.0 is still the crucible in which the personality traits demonstrated by strong, capable, responsible businessmen are formed. It’s exceedingly rare to find successful businessmen who are products of a Marriage 2.0 ‘family’ who aren’t at least one of these: self-loathing, egotistical, narcissistic, domineering, reactive, volatile, self-serving, morally bankrupt. Almost all of them are individualists who stop at nothing to express their frustration with life achieve their goals.

    So far, nothing we’ve come up with so far prepares a man to succeed in this world better than two parents of different sexes in a loving, God-centred marriage in which the husband is presumed head of the family and the wife is 100% devoted to being his helpmeet and mother to their children for better, for worse, till death do them part. Civilisation was built on this model of marriage because it works. Business has no context or future without stable civilisation to both feed and be fed by it.

    • xsplat said

      I’m not intimately familiar enough with the products of single parent households to comment. The parents of my peers tended to divorce as we were graduating high school, if at all. I think I’d have done about as well in a single parent household, if I was with my Dad, but who knows.

      I included the last phrase as it’s funny, and has an element of truth in it, but ya, taken literally it could go too far. For some men marriage seems to work out well. For me it would not be my first choice, and having very high business success would open up other options. Hence the maxim. Paraphrased it’s “if you have unlimited relationship options, marriage is unlikely to be your first choice”.

      Even if I one day decide to have children, I’ll still avoid marriage. But I understand that other guys feel the opposite – they actually want it, and the only thing keeping them from it is finding a girl they like who they trust for the venture. I know you guys exist and that your system can work. Sometimes. It doesn’t fit in with my temperament.

  5. krautz said

    RISUG cannot come soon enough. In many anglo countries & states even there is no such thing ‘automatic marriage’ as you describe, and avoiding a marriage licence and children neuters the two arms of the family court system. If you want to have kids although, it’s still not safe to be in anglo countries unfortunately.

  6. krautz said

    Also make sure she doesn’t cook naked, with her chest exposed too much or with just an apron, From my experience it can result in a burn scar on her breasts.

  7. Tom White said

    @ Tilted: I see this as MGTOW: which I view as men turning their back on society’s expectations, and that’s what this is.

    @ xsplat: I need a better income before I do this.

  8. anu said

    You’re lame!! Women are no less human than you are. i really wonder if you are even capable of scoring with beauties with brain. why would your girls follow your commands like slaves is beyond my comprehension. and if whatever you are describing here is anything more than a figment of imagination, i don’t think it is practical at all. you keep saying marriage is for those who fail at business. yeah like steve jobs and mark zukenburg?? Hello smell the coffee. Besides, master-slave kinda relationship won’t affect your offsprings positively. you’re just insecure!! Therefore this kinda mentality…

    • xsplat said

      Ya ya, I’m low value and all my girlfriends are low value. You forgot to mention that I have a small dick. Way to female-argue. See https://xsplat.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/if-you-disagree-with-women-it-means-women-arent-fucking-you/


      And why are you using Zuckenburg as an example? His wife is ugly and puts no effort into her appearance. He’s a man who clearly lacks any concept of his mate value and what he could attract, and so is no role model for men and relationships. He’s given up on both quality AND quantity, when he’s in the perfect position to maximize both. By all appearances he’s a total beta when it comes to women and relationships. I bet he holds her purse. He’s a man who is developed financially, but is apparently stuck in developing his social skills with women. If anyone could use the wisdom of this blog it’s Zuckenberg. But then a lot of betas lack testosterone and have no drive for quality or quantity, and just want some fat and ugly girl to hang around with and have occasional tepid and fast sex with, even if the sex comes at the expense of the woman being the dominant power in the house. This blog is about how to do it right, Zuckenberg is about how to do it wrong.


      And from what orifice did you pull out the impression that I want to have offspring? No thanks.

      But of course as we all now realize, any man who disagrees with the feminine imperative is insecure and low value.


      Phew. Women-stupidity is funny. In a sad kind of way.

      But it's starting to bother me less as the years go by, as at least women can be trained to shut up most of the time, and can still fuck and cook.

      • t said

        …at least women can be trained to shut up most of the time, and can still fuck and cook….

        Your thoughts on this is why I used to come to this blog. More on this training. (the … is supposed to be quotations but something is wrong with this laptop and windows 8 sucks)

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