Show me a BAD LOOKING guy who get’s laid with model’s cause of his tight game and I will be his disciple for life!

Well, I’m a bad looking guy with a pretty good track record.

It’s a lot easier to date way out of your league by being a big fish in small pond, catering to a niche market in that pond. So I moved to SEA and date girls who like westerners. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. For me it’s not. There were many nights where I literally could not attract attention from the hookers in the hooker bars. Even my girlfriends call me ugly to my face. When I refer to myself as handsome my girlfriends burst out laughing. Being short and balding and ugly is a barrier, even here. But, it’s doable.

There is a niche market of girls who’ll not only date an older ugly guy, but actually fall in love with him. And it gets better. I’m pretty well an expert at this point in converting attraction into full blown servitude. I routinely get girls to move in with me on the first date, and live with me for a year or two, acting as my full time personal assistant.

Five girls did that so far, and the current girl has been under my roof for 1.7 years – since she was a 21 year old virgin. Before she moved in we dated while another young girl of nineteen was under my roof. Most guys would call my current live in an 8. When I met her she could even be granted a more generous number. And I’ve dated some of the hottest girls around in other cities too – stunners such that wherever we go the girl would attract attention. I got a kick out of it and would often dress them up in French maid outfits, or other slut attire. Even gave one a dog collar. No panties allowed, of course.

My favorites would give me blow jobs in taxi cabs. You know you are alive when something as mundane as a taxi ride becomes a world class thrill. My favorite girl even fucked me in one, as a way to show how happy she was to see me after my trip to visit my other girl in another town. Easy to do if the girl is on top. I’ve found that taxi drivers tend to just mind their own business. I like pulling up beside buses though. Give the passengers a little peep show.

And about 9 years ago I had an intense passionate fling with a bona fide 10. A 10 who is a genius. I’m not saying that just cause I was into her – she was more than a head turner. People would do double takes and triple takes as they passed her in the street. People would glance at her while passing, stop fully, do a double take. Stop again and do a triple take. Shockingly stunning. And possibly the worlds best lay. She would have multiple orgasms while giving head. We talked of marriage for a while there. She’s a 30 year old lawyer now. I dated her when she was 21.

I love 21.

I will always love 21.

But even more I love 19.

My aim in life is to always have people assume that the girl I’m with MUST be a prostitute. It’s been working well so far. If my girl doesn’t get hate stares from the Matrons when we go out, I know I’m doing it wrong. People should be shocked by the company I keep. Older women should hate my girl, and the hot girls should want to gather around her in the disco to form a hot chick club.

Man, I’m telling you, that’s the life. When the hottest chick in the hot chick club dotes on you like you were a god, and grinds all over you at the bar, and later goes on to have screaming sex with you that the whole village can hear. Being the talk of the town for scandals is the way to live.

My current girl isn’t as scandalous, but I’ve got to say that youth and beauty counts for a lot. Seeing her naked astride me, or underneath, a well of passionate emotion bursts out from me. Just because she’s hot. Never gets old. And she keeps getting hornier every day. I’m happy just to stay home, watch TV, work on the computer, go to the gym or hit the heavy bag occasionally, fuck, and eat her cooking.

I could not imagine ever again not having a young and hot girlfriend. At least one. I don’t care if I get caught in a tragic fire and become horribly disfigured, I WILL find a way to maintain this. Forever. Even if I have to hunt in little Himalayan mountain villages for the last available small town village beauty queen.

The girls keep getting older, but the girls keep staying the same age.

I hear some guys find that life satisfaction comes from having kids. Nah. I’ve done that and it doesn’t hold a candle to an affair with a young hottie who loves you madly. It just never gets old. If anyone thinks they have a deeper or more meaningful way to spend time and attention, I’d love to hear it, but I admit I’ll make a sceptical audience.