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Youth and beauty is an elixir of life.

Posted by xsplat on November 11, 2012

Show me a BAD LOOKING guy who get’s laid with model’s cause of his tight game and I will be his disciple for life!

Well, I’m a bad looking guy with a pretty good track record.

It’s a lot easier to date way out of your league by being a big fish in small pond, catering to a niche market in that pond. So I moved to SEA and date girls who like westerners. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. For me it’s not. There were many nights where I literally could not attract attention from the hookers in the hooker bars. Even my girlfriends call me ugly to my face. When I refer to myself as handsome my girlfriends burst out laughing. Being short and balding and ugly is a barrier, even here. But, it’s doable.

There is a niche market of girls who’ll not only date an older ugly guy, but actually fall in love with him. And it gets better. I’m pretty well an expert at this point in converting attraction into full blown servitude. I routinely get girls to move in with me on the first date, and live with me for a year or two, acting as my full time personal assistant.

Five girls did that so far, and the current girl has been under my roof for 1.7 years – since she was a 21 year old virgin. Before she moved in we dated while another young girl of nineteen was under my roof. Most guys would call my current live in an 8. When I met her she could even be granted a more generous number. And I’ve dated some of the hottest girls around in other cities too – stunners such that wherever we go the girl would attract attention. I got a kick out of it and would often dress them up in French maid outfits, or other slut attire. Even gave one a dog collar. No panties allowed, of course.

My favorites would give me blow jobs in taxi cabs. You know you are alive when something as mundane as a taxi ride becomes a world class thrill. My favorite girl even fucked me in one, as a way to show how happy she was to see me after my trip to visit my other girl in another town. Easy to do if the girl is on top. I’ve found that taxi drivers tend to just mind their own business. I like pulling up beside buses though. Give the passengers a little peep show.

And about 9 years ago I had an intense passionate fling with a bona fide 10. A 10 who is a genius. I’m not saying that just cause I was into her – she was more than a head turner. People would do double takes and triple takes as they passed her in the street. People would glance at her while passing, stop fully, do a double take. Stop again and do a triple take. Shockingly stunning. And possibly the worlds best lay. She would have multiple orgasms while giving head. We talked of marriage for a while there. She’s a 30 year old lawyer now. I dated her when she was 21.

I love 21.

I will always love 21.

But even more I love 19.

My aim in life is to always have people assume that the girl I’m with MUST be a prostitute. It’s been working well so far. If my girl doesn’t get hate stares from the Matrons when we go out, I know I’m doing it wrong. People should be shocked by the company I keep. Older women should hate my girl, and the hot girls should want to gather around her in the disco to form a hot chick club.

Man, I’m telling you, that’s the life. When the hottest chick in the hot chick club dotes on you like you were a god, and grinds all over you at the bar, and later goes on to have screaming sex with you that the whole village can hear. Being the talk of the town for scandals is the way to live.

My current girl isn’t as scandalous, but I’ve got to say that youth and beauty counts for a lot. Seeing her naked astride me, or underneath, a well of passionate emotion bursts out from me. Just because she’s hot. Never gets old. And she keeps getting hornier every day. I’m happy just to stay home, watch TV, work on the computer, go to the gym or hit the heavy bag occasionally, fuck, and eat her cooking.

I could not imagine ever again not having a young and hot girlfriend. At least one. I don’t care if I get caught in a tragic fire and become horribly disfigured, I WILL find a way to maintain this. Forever. Even if I have to hunt in little Himalayan mountain villages for the last available small town village beauty queen.

The girls keep getting older, but the girls keep staying the same age.

I hear some guys find that life satisfaction comes from having kids. Nah. I’ve done that and it doesn’t hold a candle to an affair with a young hottie who loves you madly. It just never gets old. If anyone thinks they have a deeper or more meaningful way to spend time and attention, I’d love to hear it, but I admit I’ll make a sceptical audience.

20 Responses to “Youth and beauty is an elixir of life.”

  1. asdf said

    You have kids?

  2. Mr. C said

    One word: Pics.

  3. t said

    I had a question about third world girls and hygiene. Here in the west there is a much higher standard of dental hygiene, with people emphasizing straight teeth, getting professionally cleaned twice a year, and so on. Same with personal hygiene. Coming from the west, did you have to lower your standards, or do find it is workable.

    • xsplat said

      Braces are a popular status symbol here now. My girl asked for them so I obliged. Same for the last one. On some girls the braces look can be kinda cute.

      Personal hygiene is high in Indonesia. If you visit a guests house it’s traditional for them to offer you to take a shower. Some like to shower several times a day, and will consider you a bit dirty if you only shower once.

  4. Brianmark said

    I’d like to see pictures of the other girls that are your X-girlfriends.

  5. I’ve been following your blog for about a month now. I find it fascinating trying to think as you do and seeing your perspective. The MGTOW posts were well written and you’re one of my favorite bloggers at the moment. I was wondering what you thought of this woman’s reasoning on contraception in this short article I saw linked in the comments of Rollo’s post on Relational Equity.


    Keep it up, Xsplat

  6. Disabuse said

    SE Asia is just not the same as the rest of the world when it comes to game. It’s cool to stomp around pretending to be Alpha over here, but it’s by no means necessary for getting laid. For a white guy, it’s like shooing fish in a barrel in Thailand, Indonesia, China, Vietnam… even as far as Hong Kong. Back in The World different rules apply… or maybe the same general rules, but the density of interested females is one to two orders of magnitude lower, and so is our corresponding market value.

    • xsplat said

      It’s a lot easier, that’s for sure. And you can date younger girls here too.

      However there is always competition, and LTR game is always applicable. Also, no matter where you are, there will always be some people who are out of your league, or nearly so. So going to a pussy paradise can either give a bump up in quality or quantity, or a bit of both. If you reach high enough in quality you’ll find the same resistance as you do back home.

      No matter where you are you can challenge yourself.

      • t said

        I think some people who read this are under the assumption that you claim to be able to do this with any girl. There are of course women who you would consider attractive who would never consider you for various reasons, or maybe even some rejections. They may have missed the part where you mention that you go after a specific type that is also into you.

        I don’t care either way, I read to learn more about LTR game.

      • xsplat said

        I agree. In marketing, there is the product, the location, and the target market. For retail they say that location is paramount, but really it’s all three. We work on ourselves – which is the product. We work on our location – which is the logisitics of access to our target market. And for some of us we also are careful to target a niche market. Niche marketing can be more lucrative than general marketing.

  7. Devora said

    Oh I have news for you! My lover is in his 60’s, I’m in my 50’s. He is a classic alpha male thru and thru, and believe me, I still see younger women melt just being in his presence, so I know it to be true. He has told me many times he has ALWAYS preferred an experienced older woman to a young 10 ANY day. He dated women in his 50’s when he was a teen. Sure, he had tons of 10’s too, but they were never satisfying. Why you may ask? Let me ask you this, when you come, does your ENTIRE body shake HARD again and again, do your toes and fingers curl? Do your eyes roll back in your head? And this after making incredible intimate over the top love for 2 to 3 hours straight? Do you then stay in an mellow altered state for two days after? I already know your answer…nope! Young girls don’t have ANYTHING on an experienced, sensuous older woman. You think you’re so manly but really, you’re lust showing what a lightweight you are. Trust me, you are missing out on the greatest sex known to man. Yes, it takes a woman, not a girl, to please a REAL man. hth

    • xsplat said

      I’ve had all sorts of relationships and sexual experiences with women from age 19 to 48.

      You presume to tell me what they were like?


      I’ve had mind blowing time altering super sex with the 48 year old. And with a few 21 year olds. So what? Youth and beauty is in a category all by itself, and is a value all by itself. Believe it or not, men appreciate youth and beauty. No matter how good the sex is with the old broad. And you are giving yourself a special little gift of delusion if you think only old broads can have great sex.

      SOME women grow into better sex over time. Many come right out of the gate being sexual superstars. A hot and young superstar beats an old superstar. Because she’s hot and young.

      That is a value that MEN have. You don’t get to tell us what values we are supposed to have.

      And face facts. If you could make yourself young and beautiful again and keep all your current bodily knowledge you would. Because you know the experience would be superior and it would be a greater turn on to your man.

      Well, some women are young and beautiful and have at least as good as sex as you have.

      What other lies do you tell yourself to be able sleep soundly at night?

      • Devora said

        I was 21 once too. I KNOW what they were like. lol

      • xsplat said

        Solipsism much? Your experience at 21 is all girls experience at 21?


        If you want to speak from experience then speak about all the young and old women you’ve had sex with.

        Otherwise you can explain that for you, you personally have better sex now.

        I’ve slept with scores of women of all ages and I’ve studied the sexual statistics too. SOME women have better sex as they age. Not all. Some. A minority.

        So YOU were in the minority of women who were a late bloomer.

        So what?

        Oh, right. You are a woman, and so for you all experience can only be understood through your solipsism. Your personal female experience is a world universal.

        Duh. So boring to talk to you.

      • Devora said

        I was a very experienced 21 year old thanks to the pre aids 70’s. You’re obviously trying to prove something because deep down you know what a horrible lover you are. Been there, done that. Old guys that think they are hot just because they are with a girl half their age. That’s like a girl thinking she is great in bed because she has sexy lingerie on. lol Bet you’ve never experienced a mind altering orgasm. And you won’t as long as you stay closed minded and inexperienced. You can only have great love making at the level of the least experienced partner. Brag all you want, to those who know, which granted is not that many, it’s obvious you haven’t a CLUE what it is when two, over the top incredible lovers get together….

      • xsplat said

        Telling me what my sexual experience is rather than asking will not be tolerated. That type of denial of a persons experience when it doesn’t fit in with your agenda is abusive. It is a particularly borderline personality type of disrespect to invalidate other peoples personal experiences and project out onto them as you feel fit. Future comments from you will be marked as spam.

        I only left this comment up as education to readers of the female “thinking” process.

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