I’ve been on some harsh meds this week. Total loss of libido. Along with it I lost all interest in my girl.

When in good health I have above average libido, so even though my girl is not interesting to me for any other reasons than the physical affections of cooking and cleaning, attending to me, fucking, and being eye candy, that’s enough. I’m attracted and interested.

But with no libido, she’s just irritating.

I’d never be able to keep her around with this low level of interest. She’s been getting frustrated and even tried to pull a major cranky shit test to get attention: texting an ex boyfriend and talking to him while I’m in the room. I called her out on it and told her to cut that shit out. She did.

But it’s like night and day, and I realized something.

A lot of what I advocate in relationship is really based on having a strong physical attraction to women.

But the approach I talk about is how to make the situation workable, and not just a stream of frustration and heartbreak and being played like a chump. So it’s not enough just to be passionate, the man has to learn how to be effectively dominant and to get women to be in love and in line.

So to be effective at maintaining a strong passionate bond with women requires a lifestyle of maintaining high libido. It’s a cult of testosterone. The lifestyle, in order to be effective, has to maintain and sustain testosterone.

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