Here is a comment left on Rollo’s blog by Gregg:

One of the very signs the man is still plugged balls deep in the matrix is his effort to EXPLAIN anything to women. Women are NOT our equals. They are not receptive to logic, ideas, words. They are receptive to matter – our bodies, our dicks, status and power, dominance, strength, aggresivity, while these things trogger automatic programs in them – acquisitive mode, “love”, anger, frustration, FEAR, etc.

If you want to actually communicate with women, you have to communicate with their CORE.

Gregg has put his finger on a major shift in relationship attitude here.

I hear many guys say things like “I don’t want to be her Daddy”. Yes, it’s more common for men to prefer a relationship between peers, where the girl is treated as a partner.

I suggest that’s not the dynamic that women are built for. They settle into relationships with much more sustainable passion when the man is the leader. When he does act like her authority figure in her life – like her Daddy.

I understand that most men don’t want the responsibility.

The type of person who would and could strike a woman who is misbehaving as a last effective resort to correct her extreme bad behavior (a single open handed slap as per Sean Connery’s interview with Barbara Walters) is the type of guy who has internalized in himself the attitude of being the man in charge, the authority figure, the king of his castle who doesn’t take shit, and who OWNS his woman.

He isn’t a man on a mutual journey with a woman; the woman attaches herself to him, and out of her freely giving over her will, he owns and controls her. She belongs to him.

This is a very major shift in attitude. It’s not the only way to have relationships, obviously, as most men don’t do this.

But it’s what I advocate.