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Why men bond over sports

Posted by xsplat on October 15, 2012

iknowexactly: Guys/people who are chronically demonic and predatory are actually really rare and even other criminals are disgusted by them.

This is a good insight, that doesn’t seem to be intuitive to everyone.

A lot of people think it’s a fear of God or retribution or a history of proper upbringing or strong social supports that keeps people behaving well towards each other.

But the fact is we are born with the innate predisposition to feel good being nice to each other and having others be nice to us. Our empathy is biologically hard coded in our mirror-neurons.

Sociophaths number about 1 in 100. Enough that we need to be aware of them, but not enough that it should alter our default theory of mind. People are naturally nice, by default. Especially when dealing with their in-group. To get someone to be nice to you all you usually have to do is to convince them that you belong to their in group. Maybe by liking the same sports team.

4 Responses to “Why men bond over sports”

  1. Don said

    Is there any correlation between sociopathy and being Alpha?

    What do you think Xsplat?

    • xsplat said

      It would appear so. Sociopaths are said to be charming, as well as ruthless.

      In the list of alpha traits post from a few days ago, I had most of the traits develop out of a shift towards selfishness. Sociopaths were born with that shift, and are never handicapped by excessive empathy.

      However as much as sociopaths may be gifted with savant powers, they also lack some useful relationship skills, such as those relating to genuine bonding. So do a lot of non-sociopaths, and we can debate how useful those bonding skills are. I think my position has been made: bonding ability is very attractive and powerful for use in LTRs.

      I would guess that sociopaths do best for “light” romances or shorter term romances, but for longer ones the women will feel something is missing. Like a soul.

      I dated a BPD girl with sociopathic traits. She was charming, and highly sexual, but utimately soul-less. Fun, but not someone you want to bond with.

      • Don said

        What do you think Xsplat about testosterone and sociopathy? Is there any correlation?
        An econometric analysis would be interesting. But ethics is involved in these kind of topics. Society try to suppress our desire to dominate. We know our ideas won’t go mainstream.

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