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The cult of future-time-orientation blinds men to how women value their prime fertile years

Posted by xsplat on October 15, 2012

bodmon: women on the other hand engage in no self-improving behaviours and often end up wasting their prime years on the cock carousel and go waaaah once they’ve been flung off it.

I hear this premise often, and I question it. Is it the reality that women frequently mis-time their settling as the wall approaches?

Or is it more true that they are keenly aware of their timing, and usually get the timing correct to the minute?

Men often talk about women fucking around as if they were dealing coke, got caught out, and are now wasting their years in jail. When the reality is that they sold a little marijuana, and never got caught, and get married or are doing fine being single.

This deeply seated emotional need we have for retribution is clouding perception. Ya, women aren’t marrying young anymore, and ya, they divorce. But this is not evidence that they are doing it wrong, it’s evidence that they place greater value on the years in their youth than they do on the years in their old age.

Men often have the same attitude. “I’d rather burn out than fade away”. We can be quite conscious about it.

The point of life is not to see who is happiest at age ninety. Maybe it’s who is happiest at age 25! This cult of the future, of way-long future time orientation is fine, if that’s your thing.

But clearly it’s NOT women’s thing.

The are doing what they actually want to do, and placing value on exactly what is important to them.

I know it’s very frustrating that women don’t share our values, and wouldn’t the world be full of righteous karma if it were only full of righteous karma. But there is very little of this cosmic retribution that you speak of. Women are born knowing exactly how to play the marketplace – even as the marketplace dramatically changes. They’ve got it down. And when the occasional girl realizes too late that her previous opportunities have faded, that’s no signal that given the chance to do it all over again she’d do it any differently. The value of immediate rewards during high fertility years greatly outweigh other considerations. As you would expect biology to insistently tell her. Five minutes of alpha is not an error of judgment. Not when she has her security needs met.

bodmon: when men learn game they are making themselves more attractive and worthy of the improved quality of women they aspire to.

Are you talking also about LTRs? A lot of men have experienced fucking girls who are already betrothed, who then go on to marry their fiances. The fiance seems to the girl to be a better long term prospect, even when he is gameless.

Game is a portion of what makes a man attractive for LTRs.

3 Responses to “The cult of future-time-orientation blinds men to how women value their prime fertile years”

  1. Jake said

    Smart women time it well. Dated one who at 27 tried hard to ‘land’ me. That didn’t work out for her, so she found a herblet on okc and got married six months later. Up till 27 she was all about slutting it up.

  2. Dillon said

    Yeah, guys on manosphere predicting dire outcomes for cock-carousel graduates suffer from wishful thinking.

    Women act the way they do because it works out for them.

    Like it or not, due to present market conditions for even an below average looking 40+ high mileage woman, there is always an eager beta willing to marry her.

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