Way Cool Jr Wrote: I’ve got to tell some of the most common phrases that I got in the past for going on younger high-school girls.

I’m 24 now, these younger girls were completely fine to hang out with me and at the same time much more curious and interesting than some girls with my same age with their bitchy attitude and low consideration of people who decide to take a different path than theirs.

I heard many times phrases like:
“He’s dating her because he’s immature”
“It’s the only way he could get those type of girls”
“He’s going out with those girls because they are easier and/or slutty”
“Ahhahah, look Way Cool has a girl from high school, but he’s just jealous of us”

Needless to say, every one of these affirmation was false, ironically it was usually the opposite.

I think that group of girls like those try to lower your reputation, while they try test your believes and to change your mind, because they see us like a danger or maybe it’s just their “rationalization hamster”…

You can learn a lot about human nature by immersing yourself in different cultures. You start to notice patterns about what is cross cultural.

In the Philippines the girls will gossip madly at each other with outright, blantant lies. They don’t even pretend to try to be believable. They have no shame in this, and it’s a sport you’ll see at all levels of society.

I’ve come to believe that this is female nature. In the west our high value of truth and the loss of face that comes from being caught in a lie dampens down this hot tempered fire of female competition.

Women lie for social advantage. This confounds men who speak in order to share information. We tend to think they are being “wrong”, and try to correct them. They aren’t wrong – truth does not enter into it to them. They aren’t trying to share facts – they are trying to manipulate their market value.