houston wrote: Guys around here need to stop focusing on height and penis size. That shit will bring your self esteem down fast.

Or not.

You know what they say; play to your strengths.

houston: You’re tall as a giant, hung like a horse AND a genius who doesnt associate with low iq peons? You shouldnt waste your time on this forum bruh.

I’m short, ugly, balding and old.

It is what it is.

Just thought it was a strange automatic assumption that dick size has to be a weakness and that focusing on it will cause a loss of self esteem. As if it can’t also be a valuable strength you can use to advantage.

I’ve come to realize that differences piss people off.

Never mention differences! We’re all the same! All differences are trivial and to be whitewashed, glossed over, and avoided in all discussions.

I’m reminded of years back when I used to participate on the thaivisa forum, and there was always a large crowd of people who got vocally upset whenever general differences between cultures were talked about. Wherever there are differences people get so touchy!

What are we, a bunch of hens? “You’re not fat deary! It’s what’s on the inside that counts!” “Oh, you are NOT ugly, sweetheart! And it doesn’t matter how you look! Good men don’t care about shallow stuff like that”.

You play to your strengths, wherever you find them. Even if being public about what they are makes other men jealous, insecure, snide, and aggressive.

houston: I don’t think a guy with a small dick or who’s 5’5 needs to be focusing on those things to much because it will mess with your head. I’m not sure what you’re talking about differences for. I just try to help everyone on here get pussy and keep their self esteem high.

Ya, I get the drill. Play to your strengths, but deny the value of the strengths that you don’t have.

That just gets tricky on a forum, where we all have different strengths. You get so many guys with an emotional need to downplay the advantages of height, or looks, or money, or whatever it is they don’t feel they have an immediate control over. Then when the handsome guys talk about good looking guy game, they get grief. Maybe for making other guys lose self esteem. I don’t know.

Ya, you play to whatever strengths you have, and build up whatever others you can. But denying reality is a short term self esteem building solution that is overall a negative habit.

It doesn’t trouble me that I’m ugly. I don’t think about it, and it doesn’t trouble me that I’m usually the ugliest guy in any room. I find no need to downplay it. It is what it is. I focus on my strengths, rather than diminish my weaknesses.


Men help each other in a corporate fashion. We don’t try to be fair in how we meet out work to each other, we try to get the job done. We assign each other tasks according to our ambitions, strengths, and drives. In a corporation of men, it’s not about feeling good about yourself, it’s about getting the job done. It’s less about making others feel good about themselves as about fostering skills and assigning tasks according to competence and drive.

Men and women have vastly different office politics.

And social politics.

Coddling each others self esteem is saying “You know, I don’t believe you can handle the truth. Don’t just ignore it – deny it. Reality can only hurt you if you believe in it.”

In any situation, the best attitude available is to accept as many real world facts as possible together into a coherent and logically consistent mental map, while maintaining joy.

Sometimes that means we can’t accept all the facts.

But it’s still best to always strive towards that greater integration. Enjoy this reality.

For men to work as a team to help each other with women, we have to stop downplaying each others strengths with the intent of making those without them feel good about themselves. Men don’t perform team work that way.