I took a work holiday yesterday, and did whatever I wanted. Everything I wanted to do made my woman love me more.

* Got my dose of mental stimulation and discourse by following up on my favorite blogs and forums.

* Practiced the guitar, focusing on finger picking patterns on chords, picking out melodies by ear, and discovering melodies from random experimentation. Tried to jam along to some Indonesian pop songs.

* Spent a little time at the piano keyboard, improvising through simple chord progressions, and learning basic major and minor chords.

* Got more friendly with my boxers double end bag. A few weeks ago it was difficult to hit it square on, now I can can throw combinations at it. Learned some basic footwork with the heavy bag.

* Shot at a line up of tin cans on the bar with my air pistol from my bed. It’s not an actual gun, but those plastic pellets can still tear in and out of a line of five tin cans. And it’s the perception of the metal gun replica that matters – it intimidates the woman.

* Got a mild buzz on and fucked the hell out of my little woman. She came and came until she was exhausted, and promptly passed out.

But something was missing. My day wasn’t complete.

Where was my relationship to silence?

Rather than do full out shamata vipassana meditation, I lay down and zonked in to the feelings in my body, and remembered an old kinesthetic practice I’d long forgotten. A good friend of a practice. A practice with roots hundreds if not thousands of years old.

The ancient Chinese secret practice – the inner smile.

I sometimes carry around in my forehead an inner crankyness. My brow is furrowed, and I have some concern over something or other. It helps with mental focus and ambition and getting the job done and imposing my will on the world. A David Ramsey forehead.

But now was time to focus on my heart and let it have an inner smile.

If you do this often, this excersise will familiarize yourself with creating an emotion as if you were flexing a muscle. With your will and focus, you create an inner warmth and glow, and feel contentment.

This contentment is the basis of my relationship with my woman.