Professor Mentu Wrote: Sometimes I honestly think that’s their game: Be so goddamn difficult that when a man gets them, he’s too weary and tired to even think about looking for another.

Ya, I had the same insight a few years back. They deliberately try to wear you down because they know that if you have a happy spring in your step you’ll be attractive to other women.

And it works. We get pissed off at them, and need several days alone just to be able to be our best self again. So they try to make sure we don’t get that alone time.

This is the BPD girl’s specialty. Use the carrot of great and often public sex, be everything you want them to be, but then mind fuck you with stupid useless bullshit – often related to inane jealousy – either her being jealous of you or trying to make you jealous. Keep your head spinning so that it doesn’t have room in it for ease and contentment and easy joy. Because other wimmen would find you attractive then.

It’s all unconscious, and it’s all brilliant. Absolutely brilliant insanity.

Putting an end to it is an ongoing struggle, but it’s the man’s job to enforce the household discipline. When I grew up none of the boys were allowed to walk around in a mood. That’s disrespectful to the household. It’s the same with women. If they want to have a mood, they can go have it at their friends house. If they want to talk about relationship issues, they can do it with their friends. Not good enough? Then LEAVE woman! Boundaries. In any relationship the man will need deadly serious brinksmanship in order to prevent ball owning attempts by the female. Otherwise the woman will run the house with threats of her moods and outbursts and stupid useless drama. They need to know they are on permanent probation; there is no tenure in this position.