Men are biologically hard wired to be duped by women. We are naturally saps, all of us. Love leads us into slavery to women, who don’t love as we expect them to.

But here is something I believe is missing in the discussion. The educated man of the world can gain hand over women, and play them to his advantage. He gets far more hand over them than women have ever had over men.

The man who is expert at creating, building, and maintaining attraction can make a love slave out of his women, and can enjoy deep affection.

It’s not a problem that women love opportunistically and conditionally. It’s an opportunity.

I’m a businessman, and very often I will run up against nearly insurmountable obstacles. Every single time this has happened, it has wound up in the long run being a doorway to a greater opportunity. Necessity is the mother of invention. Always, without fail, there was some bigger picture opportunity beckoning me, but I never would have listened if not for necessity.

The love of women is like that. This is not a failure of love. This is an opportunity to restructure love to your advantage. To rework your own expectations and to rework your ability in manipulating the woman.

For those guys who complain that they don’t have the energy for such a full time job, well, go cry in your pillow then. Or go lay in the fetal position and drip morphine into your veins so that you can die peacefully. Give up. Whatever. Just don’t whine about it. No one needs to hear you whine about the weather.

And for the guys who complain endlessly that society is now fucked up, OK already. It is. Fine. When do you plan to get over it? You think your complaining about the weather is some form of activism? It’s just a pass-time of venting that evades dealing with things as they are now, and using this seeming obstacle as a doorway to greater profit.

Fulfilling romance with the opposite sex can be very easy, and all the skills necessary to have it can be permanently internalized such that they are not only effortless, but unstoppable.

Such skills are won as a slow process of natural manly maturation, and come from dating. They come from age, keeping your heart open, and being social.

Don’t give up. It’s a workable, good situation, full of opportunity.