JS: Strict rules of engagement between the sexes is the norm for all of human history and for good reason. Either that or society collapses.

This is a very popular sentiment on manosphere blogs. It has such a righteous feeling of moral vindication, that it just MUST be true.

But whenever I’ve asked the speakers of this intuition what, EXACTLY, they mean by “society collapses”, all I hear is the sound of crickets. And I’ve asked at least 20 times by now.

Are people going to stop producing Ipads? Will Egg Mcmuffins no longer be available? What EXACTLY does collapse mean?

I get the theory that men who are not incentivized to produce for a family have less incentive to be productive. But they still need to eat. Ok, so we might move to become as lazy as say the Spanish, or the Greeks. Is that your idea of collapse?

Sometimes the argument is that since we are taking on traits shared with some African cultures, that our society will mirror those in darkest Africa. Neglecting the fact that we are not of the same gene pool.

So I call shenanigans. This is some some emotional scaremongering to try to whip the womens into shape. Like threatening with a life of cats if they don’t marry young. Bullshit. Women are having no trouble fucking around until they choose to marry. There are no real consequence to them for that choice, as much as men WANT there to be consequences. And society is not going to “collapse”, as much as men WANT that retributive justice.

A mild economic slowdown does not equate a Mad Max scenario where the people are on permanent strike and the shops are empty of consumables.

Rock Throwing Peasant: You want to know what happens? Cuz, go into the ghetto and reap the fruits.

I want to know what happens to WHITE society. Show me a WHITE example.

JS: True, by collapse I didn’t mean total Mad Max. But a number of socially destructive trends such as failure of replacement level birthrate for the best and brightest, high birthrates for the worst. Children raised by single mothers and the resulting behavioral problems of the children: lack of ambition and discipline, lots of thuggish males on the prowl with no socially redeeming attributes, teen mothers. Historically you would also end up with massive numbers of homeless street children, but abortion cuts down on that in the west.

Thanks for the honest re-evaluation of “collapse”. Such a collapse seems quite sustainable to me. Sounds like the Philippines, where the higher classes are genetically and physically isolated from the destitute hordes. A big change, yes, but one that doesn’t automatically lead to a revolution or a swinging of the pendulum back to another direction.

But what these future predictions miss is technology. Where we are today is the result of technology. Future technological changes will change what options we have for our future. How far off do you think biotech is from altering society? What will happen when making designer babies is cheap and readily available? When electronic implants can affect our emotions?

People are looking at our boat, seeing where it’s headed, and forecasting our future position. But it doesn’t work like that. As our technology changes so does the speed of our boat, the shape of our boat, the drugs the people on the boat use, the internet connection on the boat, the wireless brain implanted internets with facebook 212.0 that get implanted into the babies on the boat, the rockets and satellites launched from the boat. We have no idea about the future because we don’t know about technology. But just taking into account the technologies that exist as of today that we can expect to be commercially available in our lifetime, we can expect massive cultural and social and even genetic changes to what it means to be human.

You know, it’s not really an argument about the future. Admit it – it’s an argument that if your personal sexual strategy isn’t favored by most people that there will be doom. It’s a hard wired emotional response that you are giving voice to, not an actual prediction. It’s hard wired because for thousands and thousands of years the guys who banded together to enforce strict social monogamy were rewarded with a private pussy. You are speaking from your biology, not from your rational understanding of what we can expect in the future.

But you are wrong in your predictions – certainly wrong – if you can’t take into count the variables of changing technology.

Technology is not cyclical.