1) Commitment (a subcategory of relationship) Marriage. If you will still love her when she’s old and ugly. Girls are professionals at being girls. Their instincts make it so. No matter how much she loves you, if you won’t commit sooner or later this is going to cause great stress for her, and she’ll start to give you ultimatums. If you refuse them but manage to still keep her addicted to you, the pent up magma of her emotions will well up in her from time to time and spew relationship talk all over your pleasant quiet evening. My counter strategy is to say “Don’t talk about relationship; just have one”. It’s an egg white in the leaky radiator fix.

2) Jealousy (a subcategory of relationship): Girls get insecure and want to use talk therapy to have YOU make them feel better. They might even get aggressive and accusatory: “You want to fuck her, don’t you!” “Of course I want to fuck her. I’m a man.” The effect of this unattractive behaviour varies with its intensity; from irritating to making the man want to get the hell away from the psycho bitch. Placating won’t help her, all jealousy talk only serves to whip her into a froth. Women only do this to make even the thought of “cheating” on her emotionally painful. She’s there watching over you with her big fat scary bitch mouth. Or if you’re man enough to never put up with that, then she’ll play the victim and question your sincerity to her, constantly begging for reassurance; another form of emotional irritation that most men would rather not have to deal with – at all costs – whether it be breaking up or lying or just giving in to the slow death of monogamy. Just shut up already! Counter strategy: some version of “Stop talking”, or “I don’t want to talk about jealousy. Change the channel”.

3) Money: Girls are programmed to earn money through their men. I don’t care what you think about feminism or what women should do or think. They are biologically hard wired with the instinct to goad their men to greatness, and to use their men to compete for status with their neighbours. Counter strategy: see previous post.

Commitment and jealousy combo: “If you leave me and I get married, can I still come and visit you when you are 60 and see if you are still stronger than me in bed?” “Of course.” “Will you fall in love with me again” “Probably.” “Will you also let other girls visit you?” “I have a big heart.” “Do you fall in love easily?” “I’m careful to not lose my ability to fall in love. That’s why I don’t fuck disco chicks. It’s very important to me.” “If one of your ex girlfriend wants to fuck you, what do you say?” Silence.

Jealousy and money combo: This is a powerful emotion for women that can deal a knock out punch to all rationality and self control. “You bought that girl a laptop?! Where is my laptop?” Some girls can handle you fucking another girl, but as soon as resources are at issue, that’s stepping over the line for her and she might snap. It’s common knowledge that to handle women under the same roof, presents must be distributed equally. Even without the roof and with presents given long ago in the past, girls will compare, and can have freak out level emotional intensity when these hot buttons are pushed.

Placating these girls fears, insecurities, and desires for control and power will only emasculate and enslave you, thus diminishing your attractiveness to her, so don’t take the easy way out. And besides, it’s all too easy to lose yourself once you start down that slippery slope.