Nomad77: The are two types of guys: those that Bang a girl because they are looking for a notch or flag and those that do it for sex. If you are doing it for a notch or a flag then the quality of the Bang is secondary and the work that goes into it is not being done for sex but for something else. IF on the other hand you are looking for sex, then you are probably looking for good sex.

Good sex is not easy to find. Just like finding someone that is good at anything is not easy e.g. plumber, mechanic, whatever… Finding someone just to have sex, good or bad, requires time, effort, and money. Unless you get lucky or have some serious status (movie star) then you are going to have to work for it. Whether we realize it or not we all weight the cost of obtain sex against the perceive quality of the girl. We are willing to work harder for an 8 than for a 6. But we really don’t know if the actually sex will be any good. The 6 could be far superior to the 8 in bed and in real-life usually is.

When you go out there you have to know what you are after. If you are after a notch or flag then the quality of the girl or the sex is of secondary importance. If you are after a relationship then the quality of the girl becomes very important. BUT if you are after some good sex then the sexuality of the girl becomes most important. After years of studying women I am fairly confident in my ability to detect a very sexual woman. I just need to interact with and touch her a bit. How she responds will tell me how sexual she naturally is. Girls that are naturally very sexual can’t help themselves. It comes out in the way they move, walk, dance, and interact with men. They are usually quite comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality. They know they are a woman and is not ashamed of it. The like sex and they usually like men. Doesn’t sound like it should be too difficult to find right? Yet, experience has taught me a truly sexual woman is the most rare of creatures.

Every guy will have his own price of what he is willing to pay for any given girl. For some of us, a 6 is just not worth the effort while for others it may be. Guys like Roosh are willing to put in some serious effort not for sex but for something else: notches/flags. You have to find what really motivates you. Because unless you are motivated you won’t be able to put in the work. For truly sexual girls I am willing to pay a very high price. (Hell, if they are a hooker then it certainly makes things simpler.) For just a beautiful girl that I don’t think is very sexual, even a 9/10, I don’t care much about. I’ve already had them, don’t need to prove to myself or society that I can get them.

For me they are simply not worth the price but if you never had them then it could be. The point is, you have to really know what you want (sex, relationship, social status) and focus on that, realizing that all of them will have a different price. Either way, without the motivation you won’t accomplish much. So focus on what really motivates you. And remember, what motivates some other guy on here may not necessarily motivate you. If you don’t really care about notches and flags then you will need to modify your game to account for this. Doesn’t mean the advice on here is not applicable. Just means how it’s used and the objective will be different.

I really like it when the attitudes that I take for granted, and yet appear so rare, are voiced.

I’m with you; the quality of the sex is paramount.

Some guys are virginity freaks. For them the absolute number one consideration for any relationship is how suitable the woman is for commitment. They are future time oriented. Wayyyy future time.

Others are the opposite end of future time orientation, and don’t even care to cultivate the girl to be a devoted love slave. Something new is what they want.

I hear what you are saying – there is also just the quality of the experience. Nothing about the future and nothing about new. It’s how good the fucking is. For me great sex is going to include a lot of openness to experience – like you said, being in your body and being comfortable and fun in it. For me all the various flavors of eroticism – violent, romantic, kinky, dominant and submissive, are all flavors of intimacy. And girls who are great at that are very rare.

And then there is just the fact that not all girls have a big g-spot – or any g-spot at all, and so don’t easily have g-spot orgasms. And some can come for minutes on end, and some squirt. Some go from 0 to 100 in 5 seconds and are built with the stamina of freight train. Other girls work their way up slowly to a tepid squeaky little orgasm, after which they have a lonnnnng refractory period.