Thegmanifesto: If you will notice, the haters on here always fit the same profile:
1. Never contribute
2. Always seem jealous
3. Are bitter for some strange reason
4. Always writes like a dork.
5. Always says “pics” or gay internet sayings like “Pics or it didn’t happen”

Good breakdown. That’s what I’ve noticed about haters on any similar site.

I can’t quite figure it out, but think it has something to do with a misunderstanding of the social games that people play. To a hater the conversation is nothing other than a king of the hill game. They want to play too, and think the way to win is to push other people off of the top of the hill. Hence they see no need to contribute anything. And as they are only interested in playing king of the hill, they come across as jealous of those above them. They are bitter because they are inept, and can’t even understand the rules of the game that others are playing around them. They write like a dork because of the general stupidity that has led them to misunderstand the game in the first place. They use cliches because the never have an original thought; see general stupidity.

Some of the haters are troubling. Just knowing that people like manboobs are out there makes the world a worse place. People change up their IPs and post under different names, just to repeat slander and malign someone they don’t know. There are some broken brains out there playing some broken games.