MrXY In my experience, many women in late 30s to mid 40’s are horny as hell and love to fuck and do so with a lot fewer emotional hangups

However, it is a myth that they are desperate enough to fuck anybody or that no game is required- the attractive ones at least still definitely have standards.

But a decent looking guy with game can take advantage of the horniness and absolutely clean up in this age group

A good strategy for a young man to gain experience is to date older women. They feel like they won the lottery just because of your age.

At that age you get turned on easier anyway.

The oldest I went was a 48 year old broad when I was 28. One of the best lays of my life. A multi-orgasmic squirter.

It felt pretty weird taking her out, especially where I could compare her to young pretty things. But in her apartment she was fine.

At this point in my life I prefer to go for 19-24, and am stretching it to go up to 30. But for a younger guy all pumped full of youthful hormones who still has a lot to learn, older broads are an easy stepping stone.