When I look at some street game videos, I’m impressed, but not inspired to do the same thing. It’s just too much of a stretch to put my self into the protagonists shoes.

And like most men who’ve taken the path of the red pill, I’ve gone through huge changes, gradually, over many years.

I hear many guys give advice like “stop being a pussy, just get out there and approach already”. And in my way I give similar advice, for my pet subject, managing your woman in an LTR. Take responsibility and train your woman, and protect yourself from what you can’t control. That’s not going to be societies job any more, so get over it.

But I’m advising men with no background in literature to write capable historical fiction when they are still struggling with basic grammar. When I see those day game videos, ya, eventually I could mould myself into an entirely new being capable of enjoying myself and being successful running girls down on the street to get phone numbers, but even with my long background of sales to college aged girls, the brain re-wiring would be gradual and take years of dedicated effort and focus.

I know that resisting the red pill is more about ego protection than laziness to work at change. But I can see that some ways of being can be very foreign – too foreign to even start to get emotionally invested in being motivated. We can’t even identify with the protagonist.

For this reason I’m playing with a new strategy lately – that of sharing the shamelessly male attitude first, in a way that I hope that the reader can empathise with, in the hopes that later he may internalize it. I enjoy polemic and conflict and shaming those with stupid views, and won’t stop that, but I’m noticing that persuasive rhetoric has to work with the emotions to bring the reader into caring about the protagonist, rooting for him, and ultimately identifying with his team.

I still feel on the opposing team, and struggle to even comprehend the low-sociosexual score K sexual strategy attitude of conservative family oriented men. I still slip into calling them stupid betas with not enough sense to adapt to a changing world, learn how women work, and avoid a knee to whatever balls they have left. I’m finding it more difficult than the original learning of how women’s minds work. But I’m trying. Really, I’m trying. Pushing myself to at least know what their view is. I would like to be able to write to that audience as if I’m also on their team. A difficult task when we have castes of men with opposing and competing sexual instincts – the cads and the protectors of a moral one man one pussy society.

Ultimately I’d like to know how their minds work without thinking they need to become cads like me in order to get wise. It would be cool to be able to offer alternate workable strategies tailored to the various sexual temperaments.

In the meantime I’m interested in getting them to at least take some time to see the world through a romantic cads eyes, in the hope that might shake up some stubborn fem-centric habits. To for a brief moment try on the hat of a different character in life.