Samseau: As a woman ages…

…her beauty declines.
…her personality declines.
…her interest in sex declines.
…her genital functionality (such producing lots of moisture around the pussy) declines.
…her hormones declines.

In short, everything that makes a woman, a woman, declines with age. Older women are less fun to be around, have more hangups about their life and are full of regrets, usually have mad baggage from old relationships, and are insecure with their old, ugly aging bodies.

I don’t try to bang women over 30 unless she throws herself at me, which is less likely than a 21-year old throwing herself at me, since 21 year olds are still in their peak and are therefore more horny.

If this male perspective eclipses the matriarch-centric notion of women maturing into more attractive and interesting people, it will have an effect on the sexual marketplace.

Women would be forced to settle sooner and marry younger, because as men aged they’d stop seeking similar aged companions.

The old bargain was based on this knowledge of womens real worth. Women would trade the “best years of their life” for having a supportive companion in old age.

Now they try to con men into committing to marriage without giving either their best years, or a solid commitment to lifetime monogamy devoted to serving the needs of her provider. And what’s worse is they try to pull the wool over our eyes as to what OUR sexual peak is.

Maybe the bulk of men will always be chumps; women have natural born psychological and sexual hand over all but the elite of men. But I prophesy that the zeitgeist will shift and men will realize that youth is more valuable than age, and that age differences are to the man’s advantage.