MikeCF: Are Banks People? If so, why haven’t these “people” been sentenced to death?

Giovonny: Who is gonna sentence them to death?!? The government?

In many ways, THEY OWN THE GOVERNMENT. The fund the campaigns. They put people in office.

This is the corrupt world we live in..

Thank you! I find the common assumption that our political systems are democratic to be exasperating, when the reality is that democracy is nothing other than a cherished illusion.

The government is not in bed with big business. Big business IS the government.

Don’t even think that voting has anything to do with that, or that the government can be reformed through pressure from the electorate. Politics is a business of purchasing political favours from bureaucrats. It has very little to do with the electorate.

It’s similar to the free press. The press is not in business to report the news. It’s in the business to sell advertisements.

This idea of voting influencing policy is just a red herring – something to keep us distracted from our powerlessness.

But there is a very strong reason why this blatantly obvious plain as the nose on your face fact will never be accepted. It’s too painful.

Humans are built to NEED the illusion of control.

But there is an emotionally workable option that gives us a feeling of being empowered that doesn’t rely on holding onto the illusion of democracy. Don’t accept the matrix. Make your own rules.

The law may still have power over you, but it’s a very different attitude to view laws as “their” laws, not your laws. Don’t be a good little cog in a machine that cares nothing for you. Every operating system can be hacked.

Step one to political power is independence from the grasp of the machine. So the political system is “corrupt”? Not really – your romantic notions of power are the bullshit lies that the “corrupt” system indoctrinated into you. The system is as it always was – a self perpetuating power structure that wants to survive and grow. It can’t be reformed, any more than you can reform an alligator into caramel corn.

Intelligent and motivated men have plenty of ways to extricate ourselves from the influence of alligators and to exercise control in our lakes and oceans without reforming alligators. Step one is to have the power to avoid their jaws. Start a small business or work as a team in a cooperative effort and insulate your income from the machine. Keep your name and location insulated from those that can use it to have power over you. And to influence others, use oratory, pussy, or money. Votes aren’t going to do it.

Politicians are like ad men. They are masters of human nature. Just as PUAs are masters at pushing the buttons of females, politicians know human nature and what buttons to push to their personal advantage.

Fear of an outsider. Loyalty to ingroup. Scapegoating.

Please understand the red herring of political empowerment. It’s just another tool in the politicians belt.

By all means, vote. But have a concept of scale, and know where true power resides.