You learn more about what is human nature when you study it from many angles; only by seeing what is cross cultural can you know what is common. The same holds for dating girls of different ages.

You’ll notice little virgin girls pulling the same stunts as seasoned bar hoes.

It’s instinctual to all humans with a vagina to pull the free drinks scam. Girls want the power to entice you with the promise of sex, without actually promising sex.

Some 21 going on 15 years old student tried to play me for a chump last week. I’d seen her on a dating site, and hit her up for a date. She tried to change plans at the last minute, having me meet her and all her friends at her dorm, and then stay in, rather than meeting me at a bar/restaurant. Of course I passed on that, rescheduled, and then didn’t call her to confirm the rescheduled date. A week later I get a text asking to hook up, which went ignored for a few days. And then she texts asking for money for a new phone.

“Sure, no problem. Just have sex with me first.”

“I’m sorry mister, I don’t do that.”

“Ya, and I don’t give money to people I don’t know”.

What, I’m supposed to give her money just on the off chance that it might endear me to her enough that I might maybe get some chance to one day get closer to fucking her?

Girls play men for chumps. No, I’m not fixing your flat tire unless you are fucking me. I don’t pay for the option to maybe one day date.

And another girl asked me out a few weeks ago, and I told her “I don’t keep girls as friends, actually. It’s not good if one of us wants more. I played with your pussy three times and you didn’t even give me a blow job.”

You want to extract time and attention from me for what in return? Hope? Piss or get off the pot.

“But, but, but, I’m giving you the opportunity to prove that you are nice!”

“And to whose advantage is that? That’s going to make you want to fuck me? Nice try sister.

And I’m not nice.”

“Chase me – chase me! Hold my purse, give me attention, and lend me your shoulder to cry on about the “bad” boys who leave me when I try to pull the same shit that I’m pulling on you!”

Whenever my girl tells me how she wants a man to be kind and loyal, I laugh at her. I describe to her all her beta orbiters who she never fucked. The guys she would run to for solace when I was fucking my other girlfriend, who lived with me.

“You say you want a nice boy, but look at your actions. I own your ass. Look at what you gave the nice guy. Nothing but empty hope. Your pussy and your ass belong to me.”

All she can do is laugh and squirm. She’ll never admit the truth, but her ass will.

To get my girls virginity I had to be just as blunt, and to kick her out from my life several times. “Why do you keep visiting me? If you are not going to fuck me, you are wasting my time. How old do you think I am; 12? I need a real woman in my life”, I would say as I held the door open to my apartment, inviting her to leave.

I would literally scream at her in frustration in bed. “Ok, ok, you can fuck me. Be slow”, she would say, and then clamp her legs shut. I literally had to rape her the first few times; holding her arms back and forcing her legs open, and continuing on past her screams of protest. How many men could have got this girls virginity? Scant few.

And after a week or two of retard sex, I flat out told her that I need a woman with higher libido, and that I was going to go get it. Then quickly resumed dating. Then quickly moved another girl into my place.

And THAT is how I came to own this girls ass.

Not by holding her purse and being nice, like her model-handsome young suitor.

She kept dating me, trying her best to ignore the spare toothbrushes in the toilet and the table full of perfumes and creams in the living room. It became a war of attrition between the two girls – which one would break first from the daily strain. She won.

My current girl is not ideal, but we still cycle through romantic phases, and she still continues to open in love and lust. We’ve been fucking like bunnies recently, and sometimes she’s a decent fuck now. I doubt I’ve ever met another man with the wherewithal to make a woman out of her like I have. You really need to take control with some girls.

Update: I didn’t touch on how I built attraction with Current Girl in this post; why it was she felt compelled to stick around even though I started up with a new girl. There was a lot involved in that, but I left it out because I want to emphasize that having boundaries and owning your vision and your needs is in itself attractive. Girls want that cave man. They don’t want a nice boy. They do want to feel attraction and romance and comfort, but you have to give them all that while owning your own boundaries and going after what YOU want, not by blowing around like a reed in the breeze of her fickle whims. You don’t get comfort by being nice.

You can’t get angry at a dog for gobbling up your steak when you take a piss. That’s what dogs do. YOU are a dog. Women pretend like they want you to be housebroken; to be a really nice good little doggie. No. They don’t really want to trust you to not eat their steak. They want to trust you to be a dog. They’ll never admit it, but their ass will.

When you own who you are without apology, then you get trust and comfort. She trusts you to be a dog. For women, that’s the foundation for love. They don’t want to trust you to be housebroken – no matter what they say.

You can’t trade fidelity for attraction; that’s a male projection of traits that he values onto the girl. Girls want to tame a bad boy and tie him down; they don’t get attracted to a boy because he is good. They therefore mouth attraction for a man being good. Follow the ass.

Girls don’t go for bad boys even though they treat girls mean. They go for men who show that they can treat them mean when they need to.