Modernguy …there are so many inherent contradictions in trying to turn what women want into a model of what men should be. Ironically, since leading is supposed to be a core tenet of game, building up a Frankenstein model from women’s attraction cues and holding it up as a model for men is at the very least a total reversal of that central tenet.

Probably the first mistake they make is confusing the reproductive function with their personal life’s purpose.

Men are supposed to aspire to being Alpha? I missed that memo.

IF you want to attract women THEN there are traits you can highlight.

That is how the world functions. Is that an accurate description of reality?

I don’t hear anyone saying you SHOULD aspire to attracting women.

I’ve noticed that some people experience mental strain when given the task of holding two concepts in mind at the same time. There is the concept of attractive traits, then there is the concept of being admirable. Some people experience great stress when these two concepts do not overlap perfectly.

Among the many traits that women find attractive is dominance. In the manosphere we term all confidence, frame control, and dominance related traits as alpha traits. It is well acknowledged that alpha traits are often not admirable, and that they can even at times be socially harmful. Nobody is saying what you should do to be a better man. What is discussed is an option of what you could do to be a more attractive man.

There is no should in game. Game is goal oriented. It isn’t a philosophy of being the best man you can be, it is a toolbox of skillsets that you can apply for a purpose. Nobody is implying that you should use the tools. I doubt many people care what you do. But if you want certain results, there are tools to help you get them.