How does the saying go? No matter how hot the girl, there is some man who is sick and tired of her shit?

My girl is generally pretty good. She follows orders, is not lazy, and takes pleasure in pleasing me.

She’s useless at conversation even among her peers, can’t live without causing stupid drama once every week or two, and doesn’t have much of a g spot and so has clitoral rather than vaginal orgasms, after which she has a long refractory period. Not ideal.

She’s on vacation for a week or two, and so I’m working hard to get in some variety after a year and a half of living with her. I start the search on the dating sites with women aged 18. Most girls look yummy. At 24 they have a different look, but are still quite hot. Something starts to change at 28 and by 31 it’s a different species of female. At 33 only the very exceptional women are holding up, but even they need makeup, lighting and a little photoshop help. After that it just gets depressing. Women, to me, are really only useful when they are young.

Youth and beauty counts for a lot. I’ll trade away some sex appeal for other qualities, as long as the girl is above my threshold of attraction, but by that I mean I have to get a boner just by looking at her. It just makes a hell of a difference to my quality of life to have my mate be hot and make me hot.

It’s also nice to be out at the disco and have all the hot fit young men try to get with her, and when she tells them she’s mine they rub their eyes with their fists in mock crying, shake my hand, point at my girl, and congratulate me. Validation feels good.

But I rarely even go out. It’s enjoyable to have a hot girl around. Just that, even if she’s stupid and troublesome. I’d take that over a smart mature conversationalist who is near my age. Age is a bad, bad thing.

Sometimes I have dreams of dating some of the high class hotties from my high school. We lived in a good neighborhood, and these were smart, eligible, attractive young women. Maybe I underestimated myself, or maybe I just didn’t rank high enough on the female rating system to get with those girls at the time. When I wake up I always realize how old those girls would be today. Although I have to compromise a great deal in culture and even intelligence, I think I’m getting the better deal by not having married the cream of my high school crop.

Learn to understand woman speak:

I have an ex girlfriend who sends me txt messages and phones me occasionally flirting – saying she misses me and wants to kiss me etc, but who then always declines to meet. Declines but as indirectly as she can.
Me: “I have a plan, let’s meet tomorrow”
Her “Dissimulation”
Me: “Do you want to meet or not, yes or no”
Me:”Ok, no then. Why do you call me? If you want to meet, then let’s just meet. It’s useless just talking on the phone”
Her: “Ya ya” click.
sms later from her:”My phone battery died.”

Some say it’s helpful to be able to think like a woman, but I can’t think like her. To me it’s crazy. But when she drunk calls me from the disco saying that she misses me and wants to get with me, I don’t interpret it as “I miss you and want to get with you”. It’s something along the lines of “I want reassurance that there is someone out there who is still attracted to me.” Or whatever. I don’t much care what it is. The point is it’s not what she says, and it’s not what I’m looking for.

I set up a date last night over the internet, which is not easy for me as I’m not photogenic (read: strikingly ugly). But by now I’ve learned a bit about girl speak. When they say “Yes, great, let’s meet tonight, I’m looking forward to it”, it really means something like “This is titillating right now, but I’m not going to let you know my decision until after the meeting time”.

Knowing this I set up two dates for the same time. Both fell through. The cuter girl wanted to change the meeting place to her student dorm and then not go out alone with me, and gave excuses for rescheduling for tomorrow, so I just pushed it forward two days. I don’t want to go get interviewed on her home ground by all her girlfriends, and if she’s too timid to face me alone she won’t be my style in bed. If I could ever get her that far. Again, girl speak.

Girl 1: 20 minutes after the date “I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it I wasn’t feeling well”

Cuter girl 2: “I can’t go out to meet you as my friend is sick and I have to take care of her, please come here tonight. No I can’t meet you tomorrow, lets meet tonight!”

It irritates me less than it used to. I hadn’t expected either one to say what they mean, or to follow through. I did my job and set up multiple dates, and tried to schedule a full week knowing that any or all of it could fall through. I’ve had good luck so far with occasionally getting my bat on the ball and hitting it out of the ballpark. Along with solid hits and occasional bunts. It’s not about hitting the ball every time, and I never trust the pitcher.

Girls are strange creatures, with strange needs. They’ll flirt with you knowing 1000% that they absolutely will not fuck you. Just for some sick validation and control thrill.

This is a no-friend zone:

I cut off contact with another validation and comfort seeking girl yesterday who wanted to meet up for lunch with “I don’t really keep girls as friends, actually. Your fun to talk to, but it’s not good if I want more. I played with your pussy (three times) and didn’t even get a blowjob. Frustrating.”

Nobody friend zones me. That’s an insult to my manhood. No girl gets comfort and validation without paying for it with sex.