From Andreas

If looks matter it is still far better to believe that they don’t matter if you are an average looking guy. It will hold you back if you believe that good looking face matters even a little bit.

You’ve detailed the central struggle in this discussion. There are some people who don’t have (and don’t want) the ability to choose their beliefs. No matter how practical it is to believe that looks don’t matter, they want to know the truth. To them truth is not merely a practical convenience.

This difference in approach is too deep to be bridged by a logical discussion.

The emotional thinkers can frustrate the logical thinkers, who are flummoxed as to why the emotional thinkers refuse to make logical connections.

Rollo made a post today where he laments the society wide brain washing of men to take on the feminine imperative. He points out that men refuse to hear the truth, and dissimulate like women when faced with logic and science. People within the matrix will fight taking the red pill.

Within the manosphere we also find the same habits of mind. Emotional thinking that avoids facing ideas that threaten ego protecting views.

One such religious view common in the manosphere is that all attractive traits boil down to nothing other than confidence. For instance even though scientific studies show that a buff body is in and of itself attractive independently of confidence (as Rollo made a post about), the religion is that this is so because the buff body makes the man confident. And on and on – the RSD Nation dogma is a religion, and talking about it logically is met with heavy resistance and all the dissimulation you’d expect from women.

When people openly tell you that it’s better to believe that being handsome doesn’t matter because that will raise your confidence, that’s exactly the same mental process that is lamented in Rollos post; people choose what to believe based on what is comfortable.

There are two mental strategies to take.
1) Emotional thinking to boost confidence short term.
2) Fitting all data into a congruent whole in order to maximize the ability to form accurate and realistic strategies.

Number two requires more mental processing power, and a greater faith in the power of truth. Number two is an ability not usually available to women. The choice is yours.