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Girls with Braces
Seeing a girl pee
Pregnant girls
Ghetto black girls
Licking a girl’s ass (but only if its fresh and clean)
When a girl tries to dominate the bedroom and I slap her face around for trying to play my role and discover that she enjoys it
Plaid skirts or Catholic school girl outfits
Girls peeing….on me.
Chicks licking my ass.
girls with boyfriends
Pretty, tiny feet.
Black buckle shoes over white stockings.
Gothic lolitas.
East Asian girls with dark, almond eyes.
A whorish expression on an innocent face.
Taking a facial while on the phone, preferably with mom or dad.
A girl who instinctively clasps her hands behind her back while fucking her own throat.
When she always swallows; when she does so gratefully; when she proclaims herself a cocksucker.
A girl who says “sorry” and “thank you” with a blowjob.
Putting a belt around her neck without buckling it and pulling on it to maneuver her as it tightens with each yank.
A submissive slut who likes having her hair pulled, getting slapped across the face, and spit on.
A dirty bitch who licks asshole, feet, and takes piss in the face with mouth open—not because doing so is arousing, but because she is depraved.
Girls that go to church. I love fucking them like dirty whores then watching them trot off to church the next morning like they spent Saturday night at Bible study.
Fly latina girls that talk dirty in spanish
That gagging sound girls make when they’re trying to deep throat you but can’t take anymore.
When you blow in a girl’s mouth and she swirls it around then lets it drip slowly over her lips and down her chin.
Girls that squeeze your dick with their pussies when you come.
Girls that like to get slapped, tied up, whipped with belts, and choked during sex.
fucking a girl from behind and fish hooking her mouth
Sex in the great outdoors
dirty talking, humiliating the bitch and– more importantly– making her humiliate herself.
Making her masturbate in front of me and ask me to hurt her nipples while she does it. Making her confess her masturbation and punishing her for it, spanking and anal, making her announce her orgasms, making her call herself a slut and ask me to “come in the slut”.
And, of course, making her say “I’m cumming Daddy!”
Cold ass stares. Nothing better then getting your knob cleaned and having a girl look you dead strait in the eye with a that locked eye. Most submissive shit she can do
Girls who bite/lick/suck my nipples while jerking me off
Older chicks (40+)
Girls who talk on the phone with their boyfriends while riding my cock.
If a girl likes you enough to let you put your finger, face, or dick in her butthole, the most taboo part of her external anatomy, she has officially been conquered. It’s more of a gratifying sexual milestone than something I like to do regularly.
The thought of impregnating a willing girl while fucking her
Petite girls
Flexible girls
Tan lines
Plain janes with nice bodies